Grilled Burgers with Roasted Green Chile Aioli

For the Labor Day holiday (here in the US) on Monday I grilled 
 burgers using roasted Hatch New Mexican Chiles in two ways; 
as a spread as well as adding a few strips tucked beneath the burger. 

A vendor at our local Farmer's Market sells a variety of
 fresh peppers and they also roast peppers on site in a large, 
expanded metal, rotating drum fired with a propane burner.
I love the fragrance of the chiles roasting ~ sensory pleasure!! 

This past weekend I was happy to find they had 
Hatch New Mexican Chiles, warm and freshly roasted. :)
(You could use any mild, roasted green chile 
if you cannot find Hatch Chiles.)
This sauce/spread is also good served with slices
 of roasted pork, grilled chicken, shrimp, as well
as a spread on BLT sandwiches, and in chicken or
egg salad.

Here's all you need to make the flavorful Green Chile Aioli:

A cup of mayo, the chiles, roasted garlic, and a little
fresh lime juice.

Simply mince the peeled and cleaned chiles, and stir into the 
remaining ingredients.  I opted to mix it up in the 
small food processor instead, giving it just a couple of pulses.

Besides the Chile Aioli and chile strips, I served the burgers on 
crispy La Brea Bakery Torta sandwich rolls, a slice of 
Monterey Jack cheese (added a few minutes before removing 
the burgers from the grill), ripe garden tomato slices and fresh greens.

Oh, and I highly recommend McCormick's Grill Mates Hamburger
Seasoning (no compensation from the company ~ I just love
this seasoning for burgers!)

These were voted right up there among the best burgers we 
ever have had. 
They were very good ~ I hope you'll give them a try!

For a printable copy of the Green Chile Aioli recipe
click here.

Thanks for coming by today!

Blessings,  Mari xo


  1. These look fabulous Mary! I just got some hatch chiles, have never seen them here before. I am going outside to roast them on my grill and prepare tem for te freezer right now! Your pics are gorgeous as always!

  2. your photos are amazing .. it looks like I could pick it right up off the page and I wish I could:)


  3. C'est beau Mary~!

    I have to experiment more w /Chilies..
    We have a great chef in Mtl..Chuck Hughes..he has a show..Chuck's Day Off..Caro and Fred love eating at his 2 restos..

    Well now he has a new show..Chuck's Week Off..and he is in Mexico..the chilies..are plentiful and in every recipe..

    He's so nice and so charming and the Mexican food looks so flavorful..

    Like your burgers!

  4. Grilled burgers! One of my favorite comfort food! The addition of chili makes it more delicioussss! :D

    ~ fireplace

  5. Sinced I joined the Okanagan Burger Tour I seem to have a thing for burgers.

  6. Thanks so much for your comments everyone!!!


Thank you for your comments, friends ~ they make my day!

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