Olive Flatbread with Hummus to Dip (or Spread)

If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably know I favor salty, tangy or spicy over sweets . . . (although I do like a little sweet snack or dessert once in a while.)

Hmmm... salty... as in olives? 
When it comes to olives, I love them all.  I haven't met an olive I have not liked. Particular favorites are Greek Kalamatas and Dry-Cured olives  ~ so naturally I was immediately drawn to this recipe for Olive Flatbread.


It's another recipe from Christina's Orchid's cookbook "Christina's".  I've previously posted about Christina, and her 25+ year career with her very successful restaurant on Orcas Island, off the coast of Washington state... here and here.

This flatbread is incredibly flavorful; it is at its' best when served warm (which I recommend.)  

You can use any kind of olive or a mix of olives that you prefer, although the watery canned or bottled ones probably will not work so well in this recipe.  I use pitted Kalamatas in brine from the market. You can usually find them at the olive bar in the store, or in the refrigerated Deli case. If you cure your own olives ~ all the better!

The olives become a bit more assertive after being baked, a perfect paring to the smooth (yet garlic laced) hummus. And even if you don't care to serve it with hummus, it is fabulous served along with some fruity olive oil for dipping. Even the less expensive second pressing of olive oil, when warmed and steeped with some flavorful herbs and/or a garlic clove makes this one a winner as well.  A little dish of Balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip the warm bread? Oh that works, too!

Note on the hummus: After making hummus a few times, you won't even need a recipe. Two good recipes to get you started is one from 
The Barefoot Contessa, and another
from Giada DeLaurentiis.

I generally use garbanzo beans (or cannellini beans), some tahini (ground sesame seed paste/spread), olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and a little water to thin it out, if necessary and a couple of shakes of hot sauce if you like it a little spicy.  The tahini is optional in some recipes, but I like to add it for the depth of flavor it provides. Cook your own dried beans, or simply used canned.

If you would like a printable copy for the flatbread, you'll find it on my recipe blog HERE.

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  1. Mmm, both the bread and the hummus look wonderful!

  2. Thank you Karen... I have a couple of your bread recipes that I would like to try, soon. Got 'em bookmarked!

    I was so happy to learn your weather is beginning to tease you with spring!

  3. What a great duo:) Perfect for having friends or family too..I see many of us are making bread:)

    Beautiful Mary.

  4. Dearest Mari - your posts never fail to deliver. Loving the black background. I did black for a while - I loved the look, but my techy son said it was too much so I lightened it a bit.

    Happy Foodie Friday!



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