Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake with Orange Buttercream Filling and Cinnamon Icing

Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake  recipe from the late, great  magazine 'Gourmet' (2005). 
(click link to access the recipe)

With a few of my own changes.
I seem to always be tweaking recipes. :)

The recipe was originally written for a regular bundt pan, I opted to make in Nordic Ware's  'Great Pumpkin Pan'. * 

I adapted it by adding an orange buttercream filling between layers ~ 

And I made a Cinnamon Icing instead of the Buttermilk drizzle as called for in the original recipe.

I used some grape leaves from our vines for decorations to simulate pumpkin leaves.

The only other change I would strongly suggest is to make the cakes one or two days ahead, wrap them tightly so they remain moist, then decorate the day you plan to serve it.

The one or two day aging makes all the difference ~ allowing the spices to mellow out and the cake to become more flavorful and a little more dense and moist in texture.

I also doubled the amount of spices indicated in the recipe after reading reviews on


The very last of the roses are fading from the garden this year ~ so I could not resist garnishing the plates with one of my favorites ~  this one is "Gift of Life"

I know that traditional wisdom dictates that any garnishes on the plate should be edible, and
since we are organic gardeners (and we don't use chemical sprays.)  You could eat this rose if you had a mind to ~ And we do... Many times I'll sprinkle some pretty rose petals over salads... and also make Rose Petal Jam from our roses.

Changes I made to the recipe:

Orange Buttercream:  

For the filling between the layers, I added 1 teaspoon finely grated orange zest and a couple of drops of pure orange extract to vanilla buttercream icing (use your favorite recipe.)

Cinnamon Icing:

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
milk, half & half, or cream
Add milk or cream 1 teaspoon at a time until desired consistency is reached
drizzle over cool cake.

If you are interested in the Nordic Ware Great Pumpkin Pan:
(Proudly made in the U.S.A.)

Similar recipe that may be of interest:
Pumpkin Spice Cakelettes with Brown Sugar Icing 
 Click to link.
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  1. ummmmm! This looks beautiful as well as yummy!

  2. How pretty! I love finding new ways to use the pumpkin in my pantry!

  3. What a fun pan! How did you ever get the frosting to be so perfect? The cake looks so nice and moist...yummy!

  4. I just saw that pan..they should put your photos on them:)

  5. File this under something way too pretty to eat!

  6. These photos speak to me...they say eat, eat, good, yum,

  7. oh i love those flavors, cute cute cute too~

  8. Thanks for sharing these recipes and ideas. I have the litttle acorn cakelet pan that these will work with. Your cake is gorgeous!
    Happy Turkey Day! ~ Sarah

  9. BEAUTIFUL! This looks so delicious, I can hardly stand it.

  10. Yes! Thanks so much for this recipe!
    I have to make a dessert for the Thanksgiving Dinner in our new home in Kazakhstan. This will be perfect!
    I may have to order the pumpkin pans...very cute and such a homey touch!


  11. Beautiful~ it looks moist & delish! Love the orange buttercream & cinnamon icing addition... Picture Perfect icing *sigh* :-)

  12. What a beautiful cake. I love the generous amount of buttercream in between :)

  13. Oh my goodness, Mari: you put me to shame!!! These photos are gorgeous!!! I would love to make these some time! Thanks for telling us about the changes you made, it all sounds SOOOO good! Have a great weekend! XO, Pinky

  14. Perfect cake Mary!
    I would love a look gorgeous as well as delicious!

  15. Perfect cake Mary!
    I would love a look gorgeous as well as delicious!

  16. I like the idea of the cinnamon icing - it would just seem to be perfect with the other flavors. Very pretty!

  17. absolutely gorgeous. I am always in awe when I look at your photos.

  18. Mari...these are TERRIFIC!! I have to admit I am a little bit Bundt obsessed. I own more of those sweet pans than I care to admit. I've done a big pumpkin but never thought of doing a my wheels are turning :)

    That dark and spicy cake looks heavenly :)


  19. The combination of flavors in this cake is amazing.I have printed it our and oh so cant wait to make this next year for the Holidays.

  20. I can taste it and wish I had a piece. Very pretty and your roses are lovely.

  21. Meant to compliment you on how great the photos are!

  22. Your cake looks delicious, but I think your photos may be even better than the cake. Lovely Lovely Lovely

  23. what a delicious blog! here is so many uncanny inspirations!

    have a nice time,

  24. Mari, this is gorgeous--and looks delicious. Please email me--you won the Mariposa tray. Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. Sorry for taking so long to visit this post - wow, you're so creative, Mari. The grape leaves are the perfect touch! I'm a tweaker too, so I totally understand. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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