Apple-Cinnamon Custard Spoons with Crackle Topping

Who can resist small, tender apple bits, flavored with fragrant cinnamon ...

Baked beneath a rich, 
creamy egg custard blanket . . .

Then finished with a thin, crispy layer of melted sugar to form a hard caramel-crackle topping ~ as one would find on Crème brûlée.

"Craquements de Garniture"

Equally delicious if made in small ramekins, too.

If you would like the recipe, you can find it 
HERE on the Once Upon a Plate recipe blog. 


Suggested Products:

If you cannot find the porcelain spoons locally, you can purchase them from amazon.com (even with shipping they are highly affordable.)  :)

Of those that I've used, this is my favorite compact butane kitchen torch:

It works perfectly for caramelizing sugars, browning meringue, or melting cheese on onion soup gratinée, or toppings on other gratinées, etc.

I use these oval ramekins not only for desserts, but for individual side dishes,  and as containers for condiments, as well as for small cookies, crackers, nuts, olives, etc.

And the demitasse/espresso spoons you've probably seen in some of my photos ~ 
I use them for serving with condiments, and as dessert spoons when serving Crème brûlée, ice cream, sorbet, puddings, custards, etc.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! A real treat for the eyes and certainly would 'wow' the guests...!

  2. Lil-mini Crème brûlées...YUM!!


  3. Not me...I could not resist them. I am a sucker for custard anything. Your are so beautiful Mary!

  4. Oh like mini CB's:) How adorable..I love ideas for our spoons..Your pansies are precious:)

  5. Hello Mari... It looks delicious, and I love the idea of serving very much, so cute
    I would love if you pay a little visit to me at mynewest post at



  6. My new ramkins are begging to be filled with this recipe. Clever idea re using the spoons as mini servings.

    As usual, your photos and text are superb.

  7. Gorgeous small bites of creamy, crispy goodness! Love those sweet flower faces :-)

  8. The perfect size! Just enough to give you that YUMMY satisfaction!!!!

  9. Absolutely drool-worthy and beautiful. Love this recipe!

  10. Lovely! How delicious...don't you just love the cream of the custard coupled with the crunch of the sugar????? I need an extra large spoon!


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