Grilled Halibut with Mediterranean Flavors

We're advised to follow more of a Mediterranean-style diet for good health, which is fine by me because we find the flavors so agreeable. :)

The clean flavor of halibut is mild and the meat is firm; people who may not particularly like fish
usually find they don't mind halibut. I love almost all fish, and halibut is one of my favorites!

You don't really need a recipe, I just improvise this kind of dish by starting with the fish, then put myself into a Mediterranean frame of mind and think of the elements indigenous to that part of the world for the flavorings in the sauce.

I thought a vinaigrette would be good with the grilled fish (this would go well with other types of fish as well).
I made a basic red wine vinegar vinagrette, with very little extra virgin olive oil & heavy on the vinegar. If you find the vinegar flavor too strong you can dilute it with a little water.
I did not add salt to the vinagrette, only fresh chopped oregano and black pepper as the capers, even when rinsed, are salty.

As you can see, I halved some sweet cherry tomatoes then tossed them in the vinaigrette.

After that it is just a matter of plating the grilled fish and spooning the Tomato-Oregano vinaigrette over all. I garnished with additional fresh oregano leaves for additional flavor and color. It's equally good served immediately hot from the grill, or at room temperature as a salad.

If you try this I hope you like this as much as we do.
Have a Healthy and Delicious day. xo ~m


  1. I adore halibut....not that easy to find here...but I really love it and would absolutely love to taste yours...gosh that looks wonderful!

  2. This is my very fave way of eating fish now..Caroline got me hooked..I know you love it also..past perfect :) posts of yours have shown me we both love this kind of dish.To makes fish beautifully palatable.

    Great shots Mary~

  3. I like halibut because it's such a mild-flavored fish. Yours is so beautifully plated. I love those flavors. Your photographs are so gorgeous, Mari!

  4. Another beautiful recipe from you! This looks like a great summer dish. Lots of cherry tomatoes kicking around the kitchen right now.

  5. Halibut is my favourite and it really does go nicely with fresh tomatoes and various herbs. You achieved perfect grill marks too. Not always easy to do with fish.

  6. Gorgeous, simple, the delicate halibut flavour can still come out and those grill marks are perfect!

  7. How is this beautiful healthy food treating you? What a lovely meal!

  8. I love all kinds of fish. This looks so yummy!

  9. What a great job you did - with the cooking and the photography.

  10. Oh this recipe is just what i've been looking for: recently i've been obsessed with everything from the sea. great photos!


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