Cherry Tomato Pizzettas!

Pizzettas are small pizzas (I make mine about 5 to 6-inches in diameter, or about 4 ounces of dough for each pizzetta),

They are just the perfect size for a topping of cherry tomatoes, or top them with any of your favorite pizza components.

*Sigh* The last wave of our tomatoes are ready to harvest, they happen to be some of the sweetest; tiny grape, yellow pear, orange cherry.

Cherry, plums, olives with pits ~ that's how things used to be served.

If the sight of tomatoes still on the stem on your pizza doesn't appeal to you ~ of course you can de-stem them.

I like the rustic look, and surprisingly the cooked tomatoes release very easily by just pulling up on the stem.

These really are tiny (shown here in a regular teaspoon) and very, very sweet ~ but you can use any kind of cherry tomato on these pizzettas.

 I pluck some of the tomatoes from the vine/truss and slice in half, others I leave on the truss and place them on the cheese topped pizzettas about half way into baking.

To some of the pizzettas I added small yellow pear tomatoes, cut in half, along with a few "Currant" tomatoes and some sliced red ripe jalapenos for a spicy BITE. Yum!

For the cheeses I chose some fresh mozzarella, and some aged whole milk mozzarella, they make a mild, creamy combination. By all means if you have a favorite pizza cheese, anything that's good and melts well, that will work too.

Some of the tomatoes will burst into warm, sweet juicy goodness while while they are baking ~ and don't worry ~ when you pull on the tomato truss (stem), the baked tomatoes release easily.  Just put the stem to the side and enjoy the pizzetta!

For this version of pizza, I add the herbs after removing the pizzettas from the oven ~ their fragrance is really intensified that way.

Use any herbs you like,  I chose thyme sprigs for the Yellow Pear tomato and Jalapeno pizzettas, and a few fresh basil leaves for the Sweet Currant tomato version.

And just for variety I sprinkled a few capers on a couple of the slices, you could add some wonderfully flavorful chopped olives as well.

The best/most authentic flour for pizza dough?

It's Italian 00 (extra fine, high gluten flour)  If you cannot source it locally (I can't, so I) order it from or Market Hall

But if you want to make these right away, regular all purpose flour will do.

I have a few favorite pizza dough recipes listed on my recipe blog and any of them would work here ~ 

For my printable collection of tested Pizza Dough recipes click:

 HERE (Fast, Thin Crust)
HERE (Tasty and Healthful)
 HERE (100% Whole Wheat & Fast Crust)
HERE (One of Donna Hay's Pizza Dough recipes), it's the one I used for these pizzettas. If you make them, I hope you enjoy! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. xo~m
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  1. Love the name:) And the flour too..different from our Italian brand..
    They are so appetizing Mary..Great idea on the vine:)

  2. These pizzettas look gorgeous. The cherry tomatoes are lovely too! Wonder color and flavor combinations in these cuties. :) Happy Friday.

  3. those are so tiny and cute, i can't get over the size, i have seen wee ones, but i think you win on these.

    i am back to trying to drop some lbs, she says chewing chocolate for the last time, honest... it will be hard to look at delish food the next few months, your pics are like magic for me, i am instantly hungry with the wave of your magic food wand...

  4. I just bought 3 big containers of cherry tomatoes for another purpose. Hmmm maybe I will steal a few for this.

  5. Mari, These little pizzettas make me want to make them right away!Goodness, they are just lovely little gems!
    Your photography is absolutely scrumptious!
    I must look for the tiny variety of cherry tomatoes for next summer's garden.
    Culinary joy!

  6. Gorgeous...gorgeous...gorgeous!
    I want one!

  7. OMGosh! My mouth is watering - delicious photography! Thank you so much for the tip re the flour...Love your blog.

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  8. These looks SO delicious, Mari! I have to try them before the price of tomatoes goes up! Very pretty, too!


  9. I can almost taste these cute little pizzas: they look so pretty and appealing and healthy.


  10. So mouth-wateringly beautiful, Mari!
    I love fresh tomatoes on pizza. I grew up with Italian neighbors & she made the BEST homemade pizza ever. The only time I've tasted anything comparable was in the streets of Florence, Italy. It was like I had been transported back to my childhood when I ate that pizza. I'm betting these would have the same effect.
    I shall make an effort to find that flour, just to see if it is the magic ingredient that my neighbor used to make her's with.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  11. Only you could make a pizza that beautiful. The colours are so vibrant.


  12. Hi Mari,

    Your pizzettas are gorgeous. I can feel they are delicious and look at those beautiful colours.... but I'd have to de-stem the tomatoes. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Spoon and Chopsticks

  13. Thank you for your wonderful comments everyone ~ I hope you have a great week ahead! xo ~m


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