Lavender Blossom Martini

Lavender ~ I love it!  Do you?

It has been blooming for the past couple of weeks, and I enjoy harvesting it early in the morning, then tying small bundles to dry.  

It smells heavenly, and I cook/create with it occasionally; Blueberry Lavender ice cream, Lavender Sugar Cookies, Lemon muffins with Lavender glaze, in a home blend of Herbes de Provence, Lavender-scented Lemonade, etc.

This time I experimented with Lavender Blossom Martinis, inspired by a local bistro.  The St. Germain Elderflower
Liqueur adds a very nice flowery and slightly citrusy background flavor, as does the French Lavender flower syrup (if you cannot source it, I have a top notch substitute on my recipe blog; see below)

You can use your favorite vodka ~ I used Rain's Organic Lavender-Lemonade vodka; all natural & organic ingredients, and filtered 7 times so it's very smooth.

If you don't drink hard liquor, I'm sure you could omit the vodka and just make it with the Lavender Syrup and Elderberry Liqueur.

A nice little weekend cocktail.

This is my entry for "Foodie Friday"
(BTW, the beautiful silver beaded tray is a gift I received from Michael @ Designs by Gollum, our host of Foodie Friday, in a recent drawing she hosted. She knows what I like!) 
Please go by her post and say 'Hi!'

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"Yummy Fridays".

Do you have a favorite recipe or way of using lavender?  I'd love it if you would tell us about it.

If you would like my recipe, please click HERE, it will take you to the Once Upon a Plate recipe blog.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. hot dang girl, i would so love to sip those seaside and get lavender silly!

    gorgeous pics... and such a pretty bottle.

    walking jazz 4 miles a day, IN PUBLIC, he has been an angel, so happy to be moving forward :)

  2. Lovely photos and always love a good martini recipe! Joann

  3. That photo just knocked my socks off... gorgeous... and don't you love elderflower!!!

  4. That lavender lemonade is so you:) the whole post actually.
    So pretty.

  5. I'd like to try this! Just discovered Elderflower liqueur at a party last Fall. And, your photos are great!

  6. Mari,

    This looks absolutely DEVINE. My lavender is blooming also, actually almost bloomed out but I have dried a lot of lavender. I use to have a source for the lavender syrup but am now having a hard time finding it. That company makes a rose syrup that is fabulous and I like putting a few drops in my champagne or Prosecco. It kind of puts it over the top. I am definitely making a copy and trying this lovely Martini.

    I thought about you the other day when I ordered from WS some placemats and they were called Marisol. They came yesterday and again they reminded me of you.


  7. Does Rains Organic turn to ice when placed in the freezer? Just a chuckle from the past!

  8. Oh my goodness, this just looks like something I might be served while visiting Paradise! So unique and just so girly! mmmm

  9. This sounds like is taste wonderful!! Such beautiful photos!!

  10. These pictures are absolutely stunning!! Love your blog! I always look forward to checking it out, like a feast for the eyes!!


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