A Tiny Table for Two ~ Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday ~

This week I'd like to invite you to a VERY small luncheon table for two ~

So cozy on a blustery Autumn day.
The weather can rip outside, but we're here by the bright windows, while the comfy fire nearby will keep us snug.

Our table this week is actually a butler's service tray which rests upon folding legs.  I've turned the tray upside down to make it more comfortable for dining.

It was a purchase a long time ago from Bombay & Co.
How I miss that store!

I realize we're very close to Thanksgiving here in the US, but sometimes just a touch of Fall colors are enough for me ~ and I long once again for GREEN.

That's probably why I chose to live in the wooded forest...
the cool, refreshing colors are easy on the eyes and instantly calm me.

The dishes are "Ma Maison" from Tabletops Unlimited ~
and retired quite some time ago.

No matter what the season we enjoy fresh greens ~

The little salad bubble bowl are from Wally world. :)
In warmer months I can picture serving cool tropical drinks, gazpacho, or chilled desserts in them.

This time the salad is a baby mix with cranberries and almonds served with a Cranberry vinaigrette dressing.

The chargers are those than many of us have ... and the napkin rings are available at Williams-Sonoma, and a few other places.

A close up of the hand painted bowl... I love this shape as it serves dual purposes as both a bowl and is also a perfect salad/dessert piece.

And detail of the dinner plate.

I'm not sure of the manufacturer of the water glasses, but I know they are French ~ I picked them up last summer at Tyler Florence's store in Mill Valley (Northern CA.)

The ivory handled flatware is from the French company Comptoir de Famille.

The Cranberry Vinaigrette in one of the pair of cruets I received as a gift several years ago.

The hydrangeas are long gone from the garden this year ~
these are fakes plunked into the matching creamer to the Ma Maison set.

Napkins are from Sur la Table, and tiny pumpkins courtesy of  Ma Nature.  :D

Thank you so much for stopping by today, friends.

I'm joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday  at Between Naps on the Porch.
Thank you for hosting us, Susan!


  1. It is simply adorable, romantic and cozy. I love the entire table.

  2. Your combination on the table is what makes this a great table!!! I love your dishes and the glasses have a very cool shape.

  3. The table is really beautiful, great job!
    But, I have to say, I loved your pics!

    Nice blog =D

  4. This is one of my favorites this week. I love everything about it. The bowls used for salad are just great, and I love those plates.

    Using the green Perrier bottles was a perfect idea.

  5. Sweet as can be..Love the round salad gobelets:)

  6. Mari I know I've said this before but I just want to come over for lunch some time. You don't have to feed me - I'll just press my nose against the glass and look at your pretty dishes from outside.

  7. Love the fresh green, your setting is so pretty yet intimate. Love the dishes.
    Cranberry vinegarette sounds lovely.

  8. This looks so fresh & inviting when my eye is used to seeing the oranges & browns of fall! Your Ma Maison is a lovely cottage garden setting for your little salad to sit on :-)

  9. so how are things smelling? hope you worked some magic today for your sake!

    look at the bowls, cute cute cute, like a little fish bowl of fun :) the dishes are wonderful, i love that look, and anything gardeny makes me wild~

    love your dressing server too!

    looks fresh and pretty up north, i am relishing the fall colors right now, my garden is a blaze of red, org and yellow, this is my favorite season, i can't get enough of this golden light~

  10. Oh, that beautiful green just drew me in immediately! So pretty. Your dishes are just the thing that I love. The little bowls with the salad are delightful. I would have never thought of using them this way. So lovely!

  11. Mari, I did a table for 2 today also! I hope you'll stop by! Susan has these dishes as I'm sure you know! I just love them. I love that you plunked the hydrangea into the little creamer, so cute! I love that cruet too. Have a great week. XO, Pinky

  12. Mari, your dishes are so pretty. I think those are the same ones that Susan has on her porch. The green certainly is refreshing at this time of the year. Love the little Perrier bottles--they are so shapely that they can actually be put on the table! Linda

  13. Tables for two are my favorite and yours is adorable!

  14. Such a romantic dinner!

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Absolutely beautiful! These colors are my favorites and I love intimate little tables like this. The salad bowls are wonderful.

  16. So pretty and romantic! I love the colors, so relaxing and I love your dishes. I think they are just like Susan's on her porch, right? I'd buy them if I ever find them...Christine

  17. Wow!~ I really admire those beautiful plates! so lovely!

  18. I have not the words to say how beautiful I think your display is.
    Simple yet stunning.. I am truly amazed...
    Since there are only 2 of us here, this is my favorite type of table setting.

  19. You TOTALLY rocked this table! I, too, miss Bombay Company. They had some really cool stuff. Your dishes are so pretty, and the!!! The colors are gorgeous....just beautiful all around! Have a great weekend!

  20. So cozy and sweet! Love the green!

  21. This is completely charming! The bubble bowls for the salad become little jewels for the table. Turning the butler's tray upside down is a great tip. We have a number of the old butler's trays from Nana. I'll share that idea with my daughter for their tiny bungalow. Love the change of pace with your colors featuring just a hint of fall...I'm pretty much over pumpkins, and it's still several weeks until Thanksgiving. The Ma Maison is gorgeous...makes me happy just looking at it. Thank you for sharing your excellent design. Cherry Kay

  22. Very romantic and charming. Green is my favorite color for china.

  23. Your table is so fresh and perky.
    I love green too! It is truly a tranquil color, and just lifts the spirit! Loved the plates and bowls
    and everything really!!
    Blessings, Nellie
    Enjoyed my visit, all your pics are fabulous!!

  24. How completely charming! I'd love to sit at your little table and enjoy the peace and quiet it offers! Suzy

  25. How completely charming! I'd love to sit at your little table and enjoy the peace and quiet it offers! Suzy

  26. ahhhhh...I love the quaintest this table brings. Very relaxing and charming. I just loved those plates.
    You did a great job and must say the pics were awesome.

  27. Oh, I miss Bombay Co, too, but it great to see Bombay's lovely pieces used in Blogland. This is such a darling tablescape, and those dishes are so charming. The bubble salad bowl, love that!

    All the Best,



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