Street Festival ~ Farewell to Summer 2010

The annual Art Along the River festival signifies the end of summer here...
it's a two day affair featuring art, music, a dog walk, food and micro-brew tastings from local breweries.
I thought you might like to take a look at some of the sights we enjoyed last weekend.

A very tall, calm, friendly fellow with beautiful markings and interesting eyes. (Yes, I'm a dog lover...)

Good Blues...

A lovely lady enjoying the music ~ :)

My favorite part of the event; the Street "Painting"
(it's actually chalk.) 

Street painting can be traced back to Europe beginning in the 16th century.

Called Madonnari in Italy (because the Madonna was a favored subject), itinerant artists traveled to towns and provinces around festival and holy days to create their artwork from chalk, charcoal, or broken tiles on streets, in town squares, or near churches. In appreciation of the artwork passersby would leave oil, a bit of bread or occasionally a coin or two.

 In England the artists are called screevers.

Of course in a short time the artwork would wash away.

World War II caused a disruption of this form of folk art, but a resurgence emerged in the 1970's. In Boston, in 1973 "Sidewalk Sam"  (Robert Guillemin)  was recognized as the first street painter in the U.S.

Over the years street painting has become popular worldwide ~ and you may have seen some of these incredible artists at work near your home.

I love that an area is designated for children to try their hand at chalk painting too.

Soft afternoon shadows on this beautiful piece.

Every year the artwork is different, and I try to pick my favorite.
It was a tough call this time, but I kept being drawn to this beautiful image of an early 1900's young woman *sigh*

Remarkable detail on this historical character.

Well, hello again.

I definitely think she was my favorite this year (as evidenced by the number of photos I took of her...) I couldn't help myself, I was drawn back again and again.

Bonus...  Accidentally captured in the top corner  *cute shoes!*

Hiding under the Sunday paper ~ for the cat lovers among us.

Look! It's Toucan Sam's cousin. :D

Colorful hummingbird and plumeria blossoms.
Passing the toy shop window on the way back to the car ...
The perfect conclusion to a magical day. :)
Thanks for stopping by for a visit today, friends!
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Sounds like so much fun. I am always in awe of the street painters. They are so talented and fascinated. Your pics are stunning. Hugs, Marty

  2. I really enjoyed this post and the street painters, Mari. I would have loved to have seen the artwork in person, but as always, your pictures are beautiful!!


  3. How fun! Gorgeous street paintings!
    Fall is here for sure...I think we have our first frost tonight!

  4. This really would be something to see Mari. I can see why you were drawn to the lovely lady:D

  5. I'm left in awe of this beautiful art.

  6. I love her too.

    And Dorothy..would use those shoes for a different wish here.
    Charming post thank you so much for taking us..
    You can feel the Joie de Vivre~

  7. Mari, this is wonderful...what a wonderful artistic afternoon...and clicking your heels all the way home!!!
    What great young artists!!!


  8. Wonderful street art from so many creative people. We have a similar event. It is always fun.

  9. Oh my gosh, that chalk art is wonderful! I am, of course, partial to the kitty cat!

  10. How fun! Lots of talented people there!

  11. Sounds like it was a fun day! The paintings are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!! XO, Pinky

  12. Mari, I am so sad the art only lasts until it is washed away! The work is masterful!
    I just love the lady too! I would love that painted and put up on one of my walls! Thank you so much for sharing this fun festival.
    xo Yvonne

  13. holy cow, how amazingly fun! i am a fish fanatic, so i can't help but love the fish mural! yay! thanks so much for posting- i adore your blog!


  14. I've never seen chalk art in person, but my dad has sent me pictures of some that is so 3-D that it looks as if you could fall into it. I'm always amazed at the photos...seeing it in person would be so fun! This looks like a great day!

  15. love this mary, what wonderful artists to enjoy, fantastic shots~


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