Rustic and Hearty Tuscan-style Soup

When damp, chilly weather arrives we crave warming
soup at my house, and this one is right up there among
the top favorites. I've shared this one before and I understand
it's similar to, (or a copycat version of) Toscana soup as served
at the Olive Garden restaurant. I can't vouch for that as
I've never had it there.

Even though I enjoy soup at any time of year,
 I only make this particular recipe when the temperatures are cool ~
it's very hearty and filling, almost like a stew.

As you can see, the ingredient list is
simple; no exotic items and surprisingly, for such a
flavorful outcome, you don't need to add extra seasoning except
for some salt and freshly ground black pepper.

I always increase the amount of veggies in the recipe
as I prefer this soup chunky, and we all know they
are good for us. :)


You can have this on your table within about 30 minutes.
It's wonderful eaten straight after cooking it, and as with
most soups it is fabulous reheated the next day. When
reheating I usually add more of the greens just to liven up
the color a bit.

It won't win any prizes for beauty, but for what it lacks in
visual appeal it more than compensates in satisfying
flavor.  I hope you'll give this one a try, it has to be
among my top favorite 5 soups --- maybe in the top 3.

You can get the printable copy of the recipe over on
my recipe site.

I'm so happy you came by to visit, have a lovely day!

~ mari


  1. Oh Mari, this IS a beautiful looking soup and looks delish. Am anxious to make my copy and can't wait to make it. DH will LOVE this soup. Thanks for sharing and I must have missed when you posted before.


  2. I can't wait to make this, Mari! Just shared it on my Google+ page

  3. looks wonderful, its a rainy day on the coast and i have yet to make dinner, hmm i wonder if...

  4. Oh thank you Carolyn, Lorraine and Jain... :)

    Carolyn, I hope you love this one!

    So sweet of you Lorraine. ((hugs))

    Jain, it's that kind of day here, too. :p

  5. I like the addition of cream..I will ahve to try this one..and it looks so good in blue:)Very phtogenic..:)

  6. Oooh, this is next on my list! Looks delicious!


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