Fall Grape Salad with Blue Cheese and Walnuts (or Pecans)

In my area of the Pacific Northwest the weather is really lovely
 as we transition from summer to fall. 

 Vegetable and fruit gardens are giving their best and 
we seem to appreciate their bounty more ~ soon it will be
time to put the garden beds to rest for the winter, the
trees will drop their leaves and become dormant.

Although the days can warm up to the 80's and 90's ~
the evenings cool down to to low 60's making sleep comfortable.

Still spending lots of time outdoors during the day
we look for easy, light meals ~ salads always seem fit the bill.

The first one I'm featuring this week is one I've made for several years,
you've probably seen one like it or a variation ~
it goes well with grilled food, or as a salad meal by itself.

No recipe needed, just wash and slice your
favorite combination of seedless grapes in half, slice
some celery, tear some romaine lettuce into 
bite-size pieces (I used baby romaine),
crumble some blue cheese (can use feta cheese,
goat cheese, or any cheese you like; if using a firm
cheese, it works best if you dice it rather than shred
it as it will hold it's shape and texture better.)

Instead of walnuts you can use whatever nuts you like.
I always toast them in a 350ºF oven for a few minutes until
lightly golden and fragrant.  As they cool they will become pleasantly
crunchy and much more flavorful. 

Almost time to buy more.  
(Hint: Always keep opened nut oils in the refrigerator, 
they go rancid rapidly at room temperature.)

I always dress with a light vinaigrette  (I use Julia Child's recipe) just before serving.

If you have a nut oil that complements the nut you are
using in the salad, by all means use it in your vinaigrette.
But if not, grape seed oil or any neutral oil works well for this salad.

You can prepare this salad a couple of hours ahead (covered and refrigerated),
 but do not add the toasted nuts, cheese, or dressing 
until the last possible moment for best results.

I hope you're enjoying these final days of summer too.

Thank you for stopping by ~ 
your comments make my day!

~ Mari


  1. That does look like a perfect fall salad!

  2. I see a gentleman with great taste:)

    Your photos are beautiful beautiful Mary.
    I love grapes.. this sounds delish..And my sunflower oil would be just right..
    Thank you.

  3. Looks like a perfect salad Mari! Enjoy the great weather:@)

  4. Mari, Your salad looks so refreshing and light! As always your photos are so enticing I want to pick up a fork :) We're still in the 90s and I'm anxiously awaiting those 50 & 60 degree temperatures!

  5. Really a great salad, both visually and all my favorite ingredients.

    It has been so hot here - the appetite wanes. I hope I lose a lb. or two if I have to suffer. :)

  6. Such a light, refreshing salad...Mari, your photos always make my mouth instantly start watering!

    Someplace, I have a recipe where a friend stuffed grapes with blue cheese & then rolled them in crushed nuts. They were an AWESOME appetizer! I'll have to dig that one out to share...thanks for jogging my memory.


  7. Thank you everyone! Oy, today is another hot one ~ I think it's going to be some kind of a salad again.

    Oh well, soon enough we'll be eating lots of soups, stews, etc. ;)

    I hope you're each having a good day!

    Thanks again! xo

  8. P.S. Retta, I forgot to add that you jiggled my memory with those grape appetizers ~ they are so good and make such a pretty presentation. Love those!

  9. This is a lovely combination. Very tempting.

  10. What a beautiful salad and the colors are so vivid. I love nuts in salads. Gorgeous presentation too.

  11. It's sweltering all over the US, and this salad looks just perfect. I love walnut oil, but it keeps getting lost at the back of my fridge and I forget all about it. I'm going to hunt it down!

  12. That is just too pretty for words Mari. I sat staring at it, thihking "how could something so very simple be so beautiful?" It takes an artist! I want a big bowlful of your salad right now. And I just had dinner! :)

  13. Your blog is beautiful and this salad would definitely be welcomed here.
    PS I will share the small treasure I bought in Jacksonville on Friday.
    Thanks for visiting me. I always love visiting in S.Oregon.

  14. Hi Chris ~ thank you. (I LOVE simple these days!)

    Hello Marilyn, Thank you for the nice words. I'll definitely check back with you on Friday. I like surprises--- (when they don't involve me!)

    Thanks for stopping by ladies. Cheers!


Thank you for your comments, friends ~ they make my day!

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