Baked Macaron/Macaroon Pears

Sometimes the simple things are the best  ~ 

like this dessert from Donna Hay. It takes practically no time to prepare, but it is very satisfying . . . not too rich, or too sweet.

A warm pear, with a soft macaroon cookie baked in the middle, and served in a warm, buttery brown sugar syrup ~ perfect for a Fall evening!

The recipe suggests red pears (which I happened to have on hand), but you could use any medium-firm pear. My pears were ripe enough to eat out of hand, so I reduced the baking time so they would retain their shape and texture. If you use pears that are less ripe, increase the baking time a little.

The method is so easy ~ wash, halve and core the pears (I use a medium size melon-baller tool to neatly extract the seeds in one scoop.)  Place the pears cut side up in a shallow baking dish. Brush melted butter over the cut surfaces, sprinkle lightly with brown sugar, add a little water to the baking dish, around the pears then cover and bake for a few minutes.  I baked mine for 12 minutes since they were ripe and ready to eat; bake up to 25 minutes for firmer pears. 

In the meantime mix 1 cup of desiccated coconut * with 1/4 cup sugar and one egg white.  (This will become the Macaron/Macaroon filling.)

* Desiccated coconut is dried, unsweetened coconut, which works best for this recipe.  My local grocery stores do not carry it, but it is readily available in the the bulk section of my healthy food store.

After the pears have finished their initial baking, remove from oven, uncover and divide the Macaron/Macaroon mixture evenly among the pear cavities.

Press lightly and return to oven and bake for 5 to 10 minutes, until coconut is golden.

Serve with the syrup which has formed in the baking dish ~ you can also serve with cream, ice cream, frozen yogurt or lightly whipped cream.  I served them without any accompaniment except the pan syrup and we thought they were perfect that way.  The flavors though simple make an exceptional combination.  If this sounds good to you, I hope you'll give it a try!

Thanks for coming by today, friends.   Have a wonderful weekend!

xo ~mari

You'll find a printable copy of the recipe over on my recipe blog Once Upon a Plate Recipes.

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  1. That looks wonderful, it rained at the beach today and I brought pears...

    To bad 21 miles to the store for it's stuffing ...

    drats I will just have to enjoy yours~

  2. The presentation of this dessert is gorgeous.....have a nice weekend, Flavia

  3. This sounds like a delicious combination of flavours and textures. I have too many pears this year and am grateful for this new way to serve them.


  4. Oh these look divine~ I have to try them! Thanks for inspiration and feast for the eyes & tastebuds :)

  5. What a delcious idea! Keeping this bookmarked!

  6. Donna hay is my new favourite. Love these pears.

  7. This looks so pretty. I love pears and I'm certain this would be delicious. I do something similar with peaches and then once cooked topped with ice cream and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. I might have to try that with pears.


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