3 Harvest-Time Soups ~ They're Penny Pinchers!

 The inspiration for these harvest-time soups is simple ~

I hate wasting food.

Among other things we grew green beans and squash this summer, and as often happens,  I usually run out of ideas of interesting ways to prepare our harvest before the gardens have given us their all for the season.

These simple soups to the rescue ~ 

The preparation method is the same for all three; the variable between them is the vegetable, and herbs you choose.  

As you can see, few ingredients are required, and you can enjoy a delicious, comforting, low-fat cup or bowl of goodness in no time.  The added bonus is they are a penny pincher's dream!

The ingredients you'll need are as follows:

A white or yellow onion (which I forgot to photograph!)
If you happen to have a sweet onion variety ~ those play especially well with the mild summer squash . . . adding just a hint of natural sweetness.

The vegetable of choice; I chose yellow crook-neck squash-- these from our neighbors (thank you J & P!), carrots from the farmer's market, green beans and herbs from our gardens.  (You can use dried herbs if you don't have fresh.)

Low sodium chicken stock/broth (homemade or store-bought), a little oil and salt & pepper.

Crookneck Squash & Tarragon

The method couldn't be more simple ~ saute the chopped onion in a little oil in a pot until translucent but not browned, add the chopped/sliced vegetable of choice, a bay leaf and pour in enough chicken stock/broth to just cover the vegetables. (If you choose to use dried herbs, add them now.) Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer with the pot partially covered. Simmer until vegetables are very tender, adding more stock if it begins to boil away too quickly.  Add the herbs of choice a few minutes before the veggies are fully cooked.

Use a blender, food processor or immersion blender to achieve the silky smooth consistency, adding more broth if necessary. Return the soup to the pot to heat through, taste and adjust seasonings.*  Serve up and garnish as desired.

The herbs I used were as follows ~Crookneck squash - Tarragon (a little goes a long way),  Green Beans - Oregano (and garnished with a sprig of lavender),  Carrot - Dill (and garnished with a toasted pecan.) Ground cumin works well with carrots too.  Just choose any herb you think would complement the vegetable you're using.

Carrot & Dill

Green Bean & Oregano

Healthy, delicious, and very budget friendly!  You can also use spinach, chard, zucchini, potatoes (peeled), tomatoes (peeled), most any root vegetable, etc. The key to the smooth texture of this soup is to cook any vegetable you choose until very, very tender to achieve the best results.

*Of course, if you're feeling flush you can add a spoonful of butter and some light or heavy cream to the vegetables while you're blending them, that's up to you! 

Thanks for stopping by to visit today, I love to read your comments!  

See you next time! xo~m. 

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  1. These are such pretty little bowls! Great idea for using up produce - and yes, I'd have to add a little cream ;)

  2. Good, i have a pile of green beaans left in the garden that need to come in. :) Love all 3 soups, and your photo is gorgeous!!!!

  3. Love soup. Your little bowls of soup look great.

  4. We've been adding the spoonful of butter:) and Cream.. some cheese too. sometimes...Blush~

    Love your presentations..

    The trio idea is awesome.

    Bonne Nuit!

  5. I am so hungry now! hahaha

  6. so pretty, we are still cooking here so soups aren't on my agenda, but when i see a rainbow like this is makes my tastebuds swoon. your making soup, i am making ice cream to cool down :(

    so, how did you like the new job i had for you?

  7. Wonderful ideas for using produce that need to be used but also using herbs and I am always looking for thoughts on which herb to pare with which veggie. My tarragon really gets stressed during the heat of our summers but it is coming back and looking great. I love tarragon steeped as a tea, it is wonderful for tummy issues. A tip my 86 yr. old uncle passed along to me. It works wonderfully. I enjoyed your post Mari and will be making some of your soup suggestions very soon.


  8. Your soups are beautiful, Mari. The big change in our weather this week has got me thinking about soup again. I think I'll try the carrot and dill first.

  9. LOVE your new blog background and header! Your photos pop against it. The soups are beautiful! You are a fantastic photographer!

  10. love these ideas, Mari! I am in London right now but will definitely be making some soups soon! Yours look absolutely fabulous. I wish I could sit down with you today and enjoy a bowl together!

  11. Vegetables never looked so good~ what beautiful color!! I would never have thought of green looks so gorgeous with that oregano! Thank you for the inspiration~ healthy, budget- friendly & beautiful, what a trifecta! :)

  12. Thanks for the idea/recipe - dinner is done (well, mentally anyway). I hope it looks as beautiful as your - and my veggie on hand is brocolli (I see cheese in my future). Still it was your clever idea. Thanks.

  13. When I saw your photo of the ingredients, I was just thinking how refreshing to see a recipe for something without the ubiquitous onion. But then read on. Oh, well, I'm going to make soup anyway. Just leaving out the onion and pepper. I use the same Carmague salt, but I unlike most American cooks I don't use pepper indiscriminately in every dish.
    Your photos are beautiful. I wish I could capture color the way you do. Really lovely.

  14. Beautiful and full of flavor! Can't wait to try these soon!

  15. You are blowing my mind with the green bean and oregano combination. I grow both green beans and oregano, so could make this soup a lot. It never occurred to me to make soup out of green beans, or to combine them with oregano. Thanks. I learn so much here.

  16. You know that I will skip the carrot, but I would love a bowl each of the other two.

    Colours are so vibrant.


  17. Wow... everything you make is a work of art in it self... yummy, and so lovely a presentation.


  18. What a gorgeous trio of soups!!! All look delicious...and so pretty with their unique garnishes~

  19. Such lovely photos, Mari. Your soups sound like a perfect meal on a chilly autumn evening. Thanks!

  20. Oh how lovely. Your presentation is exquisite and the photography fabulous. It's definitely soup time. I'm your newest follower. Happy Foodie Friday.

  21. I LOVE soup...thanks for this post!!


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