Tablescape Thursday ~ French Roosters al fresco

Hello and welcome to my corner of the Pacific Northwest ~

Please come stay for a while while we take a look at the table I've set for you.
I hope you like it.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shorter days and a noticeable nip in the morning air is an indication our days of dining outdoors will soon be finished for the year.

We're compelled to take full advantage while the weather cooperates.

This time I chose a bit of a French-country theme, a couple of new dinner plates provided the inspiration for a leisurely lunch setting on the back lawn.

Nothing like taking a picture of a tablesetting to see the obvious flaws (which I should have checked for before taking these shots.)

You see, the property is on a mild slope, but that is no excuse for the tablecloth which I now can see was quite askew. Ooops.

I thank you very much for coming by to visit, I hope you had a nice visit.

I would be thrilled if you would be so kind as to leave a comment so I know who visited and can come visit your blog, too!
For you first time visitors, you can find all of this weeks Tablescape Thursday participants over at dear Susan's fabulous blog ~
(clickable link)
Once again, thank you so much for so generously and tirelessly hosting us Susan! You're a jewel. xo


Tablecloth and Rooster Napkins ~ Williams-Sonoma
Dark Blue Napkins ~ Xlochi
Rectangular wooden tray with handles ~ Nell Hill

Dark brown scalloped chargers ~ Neiman Marcus/Horchow
Dinner plates ~ Ross
Blue handled flatware ~ Macys (from long ago)
Rooster Salt & Pepper ~ Italian, from Williams-Sonoma
Water goblets ~ Big Lots
Short wine tumblers ~ French from Decorative Country Living
Grungy Metal Rooster Sculpture ~ Valerie Parr Hill
Tall French wire basket-stand ~ Local vintage-goods store
Living Bay Tree Topiary ~ from a local nursery about 2 years ago
Sunflower postcard ~ Martha Stewart by Mail (years ago)
Rooster ceramic tile and small coaster/plates ~ Portugal ; local gift shop
Cellar Rats or "Rat de Cave" Iron Candlestick Holders (Winery cellar Candle holders) ~ are from France a few years ago*
Blue earthenware crock ~ from France a few years ago


* I think I've found a current source for you -- HERE
You may be interested in the history of these objects ~ you can read all about it
at Burgundy Online (clickable link.)


  1. Definitely, looks like a change in seasons :)

  2. Very nice! I love those chargers - different in that they aren't round. Such a lovely table. I just came across the Tablescapes Thursdays and I'm wondering...are these just for fun and show or do you actually eat at the table as you set it? I want to do a fall setting soon.

  3. Oh my! This is just spectacular -- and what a wonderful setting! I love the way you've put this all together -- beautiful roosters. A wonderful end to our outdoor summertime fare.

  4. Hi Mari...this is one fabulous table! I love those darling plates! And you have the best table linens!!! You are so right about our outdoor dining time coming to an end soon. :-( I sure will miss it! Thanks for another delightful table...this could so be in a magazine! Susan

  5. Oh I love it. From the beautiful linens to the blue jug and topiary and the rooster is stunning. Your plates are GORGEOUS. I love them. Such a nice tablescape. Hugs, Marty

  6. Your tablescape is something to 'crow' about! It is so bright and sunny.

  7. So lovely Mari! The crowing roosters are just charming...I wish I knew what they were crowing about...maybe awaiting a delicious lunch ;-)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Fabulous! You have so many wonderful pieces. I love your roosters and the colors are great!


  9. I love the trays that your using as a chargers...So pretty!


  10. Mari,
    Really nice tablescape, I love the rooster theme. Great linens, the whole setting is very pretty. We will miss summer.

  11. Your table is so bright and colorful and pretty! I love it all!
    And I especially love your candle holders, they are so beautifully unique!
    All the best,

  12. Hi Mari
    Very pretty, I would love to dine in that gorgeous location. Love the roosters and those new black dishes. Hope you can enjoy a few more outdoor dining events before the end of the season. Love, love, love the whole ambience of your table :)

  13. Hi Mari,
    So frenchy,so blue and yellow, so fabulous! You are a tablescaping diva yourself! I would love to dine there! Cindy

  14. Your table is so inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing.

  15. FABULOUS!! Love the colours, love the setting and love the dishes! Everything is perfect!


  16. Gorgeous dishes, congratulations.

  17. Wonderful how colorful it is. The dishes and the linens are gorgeous...and the wine is very....inviting!

  18. oh this is a very very very fav of mine, and knowing how much i love this stuff, you can imagine how wild i am over it ALL! those dishes, omg how did miss them, are they new? do i need to head to town tonight?

    i remember coveting that tc of yours before too... oh what i wouldn't give for a nip in the air, days still are long and hot here, i am craving cool to get out and feel spunky again, not a wet hot dish rag with zero energy for anything!

    just something to crow about for sure, love every sq inch of it all!

  19. I love all the bold colors and the table cloth is wonderful...

  20. Gorgeous! This reminds me of a table setting in Marseilles, France.

  21. Hi--yes now as far as the slanted tablecloth...I thought it was the should have just blamed it on that.....I don't know why we notice things so much better in picture form. It is funny because now if I want to see if something looks ok I take a picture--it shows the flaws right up....but it is a bit discouraging for me because it may show the flaws but it doesn't always tell me how to fix them!! HA!.

    The roosters are delightful and I love that colorful/frenchy tablecloth!! Nice.

  22. Simply divine!! I have to say I had a little chuckle when I spotted the rooster salt & pepper shakers, I have them too! We have good taste! ;)

    Love the colors in your tablescape, is that a black or a very dark blue we are seeing?

    ~~New viewer (2nd visit)~~

  23. Hi Mari--
    I came to visit via Nancy at Acorn Cottage.
    Very pretty table--the colors are so prtty together.
    Have a great Thursday!


  24. Love your theme! You know, ever since the big rooster party last week, I'm really looking everywhere for them!! You table setting is beautiful with the wonderful French country colors. I really like the metal sculpture.

  25. Hi Mari,
    This is so beautifully coordinated! Just very special ... congratulations!

    The table linens would have to be my favorite element, but it all contributes to carrying out your very festive theme!


  26. This is great! Love the yellow rooster plates and the trays!

    I did three rooster tablescapes last week for the rooster party, it was so fun!


  27. Now this is a table I would love to sit beside...especially in that lush green setting. All of your pieces work so well together. Isn't that the beauty of use what you have to enhance new items? That blue pot is the most luscious shade of blue!

    Thank you for sharing your corner of the NorthWest.

    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  28. Oh, I do love roosters. See my recent post from the rooster party. Your table is beautiful. I especially love the chargers that look like platters. That was a great idea. would love to sit out there and enjoy a nice dinner.

  29. Love this table...but those linens R-2-die-4 just loved it all...thanks for sharing and may you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  30. I feel so "out of it" since I don't have ANY roosters:):) Your table is so lovely, everything is beautiful and I LOVE the tryas used as chargers!!!! Love the tablecloth, and might not have noticed it was crooked if you hadn't mentioned it:):) Thanks for sharing this! Pinky

  31. Beautiful Mari. Love everything about it, but especially find those candleholders just fantastic! I've never seen anything quite like it. I hope you can stop by and enter your name in the giveaway at Color Outside the Lines. I know you could do some fantastic things with the loot! :) Cheers!

  32. Hi one would have noticed the askew table covering if you didn't mention it....the table setting is beautiful....and the setting..such ambience...all green and cool in temp. you could sit and eat and chit chat for hours....You guys on the west coast sure know how to live nice....I was trying to figure out the sunflower in the terra cotta pot...finally saw it was a topiary with a post card at it base...Very pretty...
    and What ever happened to the Darling Bakers?? I stopped posting when we started our diet in May but I saw the last post was from July....

  33. Your backyard looks so beautiful. I grew up in Washington state. How I miss the Pacific Northwest. Hope I get to live there again someday. Well enough about me, and on to the tablescape! It is so gorgeous. I love roosters and French Country. The colors are so fun. I just love it!

  34. So pretty and what a beautiful setting for a tablescape, Mari! I have the same chargers from NM or Horchow and will use them for next week's tablescape. I love your rooster plates and all your rooster accessories. Everything is so beautiful...Christine

  35. What a gorgeous setting for your French rooster inspired table. I love those plates!


  36. Hi,
    I just visited your blog for the first time, and I cant help marvel at the bright colours and vividness of your photos!
    (The content itself is quite nice too...)
    I am on the lookout for a good camera these days,and seeing the quality of your pictures,would you please let me know what camera you used? Thanks!

  37. Hi Mari...

    Ooh La La!!! My friend, what a fabulous table and ohhh my...what a gorgeous outdoor setting!!! It really just doesn't get any better than that!!! I just adore French country anything so your beautiful tablescape is right up my alley! There's nothing quite like the beautiful blues, yellows, and reds...not to mention those say French country!!! Love your new dinner plates...they're fabulous! Ohhhh...and the chargers...soooo pretty with your new plates!!! Love all of your pretty table linens too!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful table and home with us today!

    Warmest wishes,

  38. I love all the roosters! The rooster plates are wonderful. Thank you for the source for the candle holders. I shall visit that site later!

  39. Hi Mari! Still mustering the courage to join in, but wanted to say how glad I am, after the rooster party festivities have quieted down to an end, to see you still are showing yours! I had one more little rooster I managed to get in AFTER the party in my most recent post.. a little blue rooster potholder I just made!.. LOVE your dishes, and your tablecloth!! I never did notice anything crooked, actually.. but everything was so pretty, I'm not even going to bother myself with looking.. WHO CARES! It was a pleasure stopping here today! ~tina

  40. love the french country flare! lovely!!

    and thanks for dropping by my random world! hope to see you again. :)


  41. Okay I am so happy I found your blog. First I love your pretty rooster table.It doesn't matter if the tablecloth is is just perfect!! Then I started to stroll around through some of your older posts. You have all of my fave things, Roses, Delicious Food, Lots of Pink, and just Gorgeous photography!! I am now following and will be back very often!! I am going to read through all of your older posts too.
    ♥ Rebecca

  42. I absolutely love your table setting! I really love the French Country look.

  43. This is a beautiful setting, Mari. I *love* those chargers!

  44. This is a beautiful tablescape. I love the colors and the lines of the trays and chargers. The roosters are beautiful on the dishes, napkins and tablecloth. I love the contrast of your black rooster sitting very statuesque on the side.

  45. I've been drooling over those rooster plates over at Williams Sonoma for a while now. Both my husband and I love chickens and those plates are so neat. I really wish I had the room to store those! I love your table and chairs too. It goes without saying, that you created yet another wonderful table scape! I love coming to your blog to see what you are going to do next :)

  46. What a georgeous rooster tablescape full of details. Wow!

    Nice and colourfull. Just lovely.


  47. Hi Mari,

    You have such a beautiful and inviting blog...thank you for sharing with us!

    Could you tell me where you bought your rooster dishes etc?

    Many thanks,

  48. Wow! Thank you for such terrific response to this tablescape. I really appreciate your comments, truly!

    For anyone with questions about the items in the photos I always try to list an index at the end of the post on Tablescape Thursday entries. S ~ the rooster dinner plates are from Ross; I got them just recently so you may have luck finding them.

    Shana, the cameras I use most regularly can be found by clicking on "My Favorites" in the right hand column (The red button with the little girl skipping with her dog.) I hope this helps!

    And thank you again everyone, you all are so sweet to take the time to leave comments! xo

  49. Wow everything is so colorful and pretty!

  50. Mari, this brilliant outdoor tablescape just takes my breath away! Beautiful combinations of colors & textures. Thank you so much for taking the time to list your sources. I just bought my first rooster this week so I know I will be doing more shopping for accessories to go along with him.
    Thanks so very much for sharing your ideas.


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