In Memory of . . .

My family, friends and I have vowed to never forget the innocent people who were murdered during the attack on our country on September 11, 2001.

Click to view memorial.

Caution ~ certain photos may be disturbing to some.


  1. I haven't clicked on the Memorial just yet, and I probably won't until tomorrow morning.
    My heart is just too troubled right now.
    But as a New Yorker I appreciate a fellow American standing shoulder to shoulder with us. The outpouring of love and prayers from everyone in our nation truly did sustain us in that dark hour.
    I did a memorial on my personal blog too.
    God Bless America. ~ Eileen

  2. I can't look at photos of that terrible day without crying. I remember every minute of that agonizing day. And my heart goes out to all the friends and families of those who lost their lives.

  3. Dear Mari, thank you for posting this moving tribute - I cried, which is appropriate for today. Again, thank you.

  4. I, too, mentioned 9-11 on my blog. I think it only fitting.
    It's a day we will never forget.
    God Bless You.
    Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

  5. i WILL ALWAYS remember. Like it was yesterday.

  6. Remembering this day and the sacrifices our country made.

  7. Mari, forgive me for not clicking on that link. But, I cleary remember all the events of that day, and it's not something I will ever forget.

    My thoughts are with the families of all the innocent victims.

  8. Like so many others, I also posted a tribute today. I also didn't click on the link, the images are etched in my brain and in my heart forever.

    I do want to thank you and everyone else who posted their thoughts and tributes today on their blogs.

  9. Mari..thanks for the rememberances. These were my friends on the plane. I fly as a flight attendant for American Airlines out of Boston. It has been a changed world since that day.

    Bless them all...

    And thanks for your post.


  10. It's a date I will NEVER forget. My DH is from NYC, and watched the towers being built when he was a child. Thank you for the post Mari.


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