Scones: Butternut Squash with Cinnamon Icing (Sage is optional)

Whenever possible I love to incorporate the herbs 
from my garden into the food I make, so when I
came across this recipe for Butternut Squash with
Sage from "Food 52"  I knew I wanted to try it.

Because they are not overly sweet they
make a good addition to holiday dinners
 alongside roast turkey, or ham...
(You can omit the cinnamon icing  and just brush with 
cream & garnish the top of each scone with a sage leaf.)

The great thing is, these scones are actually better
if you mix and shape them in advance and freeze them,
then bake from frozen ~ so they are ready at
a moments notice if needed.

I've made them both with the sage, and without ~ Predictably,
those who aren't fond of sage or those who are not fond of 
somewhat unconventional flavor combinations 
prefer the scones without the sage.  I happen to love
the flavor of sage, and I liked them both ways.

The addition of the butternut squash puree helped keep
these scones more moist, and a little more cake-like than
traditional all-butter scones. As with most scones they
the texture and flavor is best while still warm from the 
However, I never let a cold or day-old scone go to
waste . . .  Although they are too fragile to stand-up to toasting 
in a traditional electric pop-up toaster, you can just split them 
as you would an English Muffin and toast or broil in an oven, 
or toaster oven... and little pat of butter doesn't hurt, either. ;)

If you give them a try, I hope you like them!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today. :)

~mari xo


  1. Bonsoir:)

    I love sage.. added it to our barley tonight..w/ mushrooms..

    Looks good Mary..and on the white ruffled pedestal:) So pretty:)

  2. Bonjour Monique! Mushrooms with Sage sounds divine!

    Hello Ashling! Thank you. :)

    Thank you both for taking the time to leave such nice comments. xo Have a happy day.

  3. These sound delicious. I make mine with parmesan, but I think these sound wonderful for my savory friends.

    btw, I have tried so many of your recipes, (especially the healthy spicy spinach dip), and they are just so good. Thanks for improving my repertoire.

  4. I do like the idea of having them ready in the freezer on a moments notice.


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