Crepes with Berries and Ricotta-Mascarpone Cream

I love the versatility of crepes, served plain with just a dusting
of powdered sugar, or filled with savory or sweet
fillings, they are always popular at my house.

And the good news is that you can make the crepes
ahead, stack them and seal in an airtight container
(I use resealable freezer bags) then store them
in the refrigerator for a few days, or freeze for
longer storage. (Thaw in the refrigerator and
they are ready to assemble with your filling of choice.)

I have used Julia Child's master recipe for crepes for
years, it's my favorite and it's foolproof. The number of
crepes the recipe will yield depends upon the diameter
of the pan you choose. You don't need a fancy
crepe maker, a traditional (well seasoned) crepe pan will
do, or a non-stick shallow pan (8 to 10-inch diameter)
is the easiest size to work with.

This time for the filling I simply blended ricotta cheese 
(or cottage cheese), some mascarpone and a 
little drizzle of pure vanilla extract in the food processor. 
Then thinned it with a little cream (about a tablespoon or two)
to make the mixture silky smooth.

You can sweeten the mixture with a little sugar, honey,
maple syrup, or agave syrup if you like

I simply piled the fresh berries around the filled crepes,
then added a drizzle of seedless raspberry sauce* over the crepes,
then sifted confectioner's (powdered) sugar over.

*Shortcut Raspberry Sauce
A little raspberry jam thinned with some Orange Liqueur
(or orange or apple juice) heated in a small pan on the
stove top, stirring for a few minutes until
the mixture reaches drizzling consistency. 
You can add a little water to
thin if the sauce seems too tight.

If you try these, I hope you enjoy them.

For a printable copy of Julia Child's
Master Crepe recipe, please click here.

Thanks for stopping by today friends!

Blessings to each of you! ~ Mari xo


  1. Those look absolutely amazing. I love anything with berries and anything made with mascarpone so I know I'll be making this soon!

  2. I have never made crepes, they seem scary to me.

  3. Hi Janet, I hope you like them, too!

    Hi Pam, Oh you would definitely not have any problem with these, I hope you'll give them a try (like pancakes usually the first one is a throw away.) After you make 2 or 3, the process goes fairly quickly.

    Thanks ladies for stopping by and leaving your comments!

  4. Juiia strikes again with foolproof recipe. Love the easy raspberry sauce as well.

  5. Hi Val! I completely agree ~ can't go wrong with Julia's recipes. God Bless that woman for all she accomplished and shared with us. xo

  6. I am in a crepe making mood:) Soon:)

    Twinkle twinkle little star...

  7. Bon jour Mme. Magical! So nice to have you visit ~ I would love to see what fabulous creations you would make, your talent is always such a wonderful inspiration!

    . . . a little birdie told me something wonderful is about to happen in a few days . . . ;) xo

  8. Oh, those look AMAZING. So pretty!


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