Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper & Asiago Sausage

Hi friends! Is it just me, or does this summer seem as if it has been racing by?!
Family things, our critters, managing our bit of property, followed up by a delightful and most welcome visit from my brother and his charming wife have kept me from the internet lately. It's good to be back, and thank you for stopping by to visit!
This time I thought I would start off with a product review ~
I've been thinking that I would like to incorporate a couple of reviews each month of products I use or have tried. Occasionally these will be products offered to me from companies, other times they will be items I've tried on my own --- I'll make it a point to let you know if the product has been supplied to me, or not. But be assured, I always promise to give my honest evaluation!
Like these chicken sausages I decided to blog about. I just saw them in the store and they appealed to me---no coupons, promotions or compensation were offered.
To learn more about "al fresco" sausages and get a $1.00 off coupon click HERE.

If you've been following my blog for a while you probably know that I generally like to make most of our meals from scratch, but I have no problem supplementing "from scratch" with store-bought if the prepared foods are minimally processed and basically healthful.

Recently we tried the "al fresco" brand of 'Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper and Asiago' Sausages and were favorably impressed. They are fully cooked, so just a few minutes on a hot grill allowed us to have dinner on the table in mere minutes. While the grill was heating I mixed together a fast veggie salad for a refreshing accompaniment. Perfect for a hot summer evening meal.

The casings had a nice "pop" and the filling was juicy and flavorful-- not bland at all. The sausages are well seasoned with sweet roasted red pepper (not spicy), the slight hint of Asiago cheese rounded the flavor out very nicely.

You could certainly serve them on a bun, on pizza or in a pasta sauce, etc. but I opted to offer them with knife and fork this time. We liked the flavor so much that I skipped the condiments entirely. Delicious!
These received solid thumbs up at our house, I would buy them again, and I recommend them if you're looking for a quick, flavorful lunch or dinner. They would be wonderful as part of a mixed-grill dinner, too.
(I've received no compensation for this review.)

To keep the meal super easy I made a quick Black Bean and Corn salad--- with bits of red onion, sweet red bell pepper, flavored with ground cumin, a little Tabasco, and a simple dressing of fresh lime juice and vegetable oil, then seasoned with salt and pepper. It was a perfect complement to the grilled sausages. I essentially followed one of Rachel Ray's recipes with just a couple of changes; less Tabasco and I stirred in a few avocado chunks and some chopped cilantro just before serving, and offered an extra wedge of lime on the plate.
If you would like a copy of the recipe you can find it on my recipe blog by clicking HERE.
Thank you for stopping by friends!


  1. these look and sound yummy. i hope to be able to find that brand! also, i was wondering how you take such great food photos? they are up-close and no glare probs. i am new to blogging and have found that taking perfect pics is one of my downfalls. any advice would be appreciated! check out my blog!

  2. I've had them before, they are good! And yes, summer flew by! I have to go back to school on Monday!

  3. I haven't tried this brand, but I get similar sausages at Sam's Club. The last package I got was chicken with sun dried tomatoes, mozarella and artichoke hearts. They're yummy!

  4. I have been thinking about sausage for the past few days and here it is:D

  5. I love the idea of your reviews! I trust your opinion and this way we can be introduced to fabulous new and exciting foods we may not have tried yet. Great idea.
    And these sausages sound so yummy!
    For me, grilling is what summer is all about. And these are precooked. I'm so happy you talked about the pop of the casing. That is very important in a good sausage.(I have a love affair with crunch) Thanks for the yummy corn and black bean side dish. That will for sure end up on my weekly menu!
    I love the review post!!!!!

  6. I LOVE Al Fresco Sausages. Our favorite is the buffalo chicken one. I slice them up with a homemade buffalo type sauce and then use them to make buffalo chicken sausage paninis. So yummy! We also love the jalapeno flavored ones. I'm happy to see your review here!

  7. Good to see you back posting my friend...your dinner looks amazing!

  8. Great meal for a warm day. I am partial to the black bean and corn salad.

  9. I've had these and they are good. I can't buy them around here, but I would certainly buy them again when I get a chance. The salad looks great! Good to have you back!


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