Spicy Chicken Skewers ~ Thighs

If you or members of your family are not huge fans of boneless, skinless chicken thighs this might be the recipe that will change minds. :D

Often the boneless/skinless thighs will go on sale around here for well less than $2.00 per pound. I don't mind dark meat at all, but the boneless/skinless thighs left me cold. Other than stir-frying I didn't really care for them until I found this recipe, adapted from Donna Hay.

After a 30 minute marinade, the thighs are skewered and grilled either on an outdoor grill, or indoors on a stove top grill pan.
The aroma as they are cooking is irresistible, and I have proof...

Our neighbor was over visiting as I was preparing these and was he was absolutely raving about the aroma ~ it would have been absolutely
cruel not to offer him a sample.
We all gave them a big THUMBS up!

Reading over the ingredients of the marinade ~Olive oil, paprika, dried chili flakes, crushed garlic and Worchestershire Sauce~ it is difficult to imagine how flavorful it makes the grilled chicken taste, but Donna has come up with another winner.
And the good news is that you can reduce (or increase) the amount of chili flakes depending upon how spicy you like your food. I add only 1 teaspoon, rather than the 2 teaspoons in the recipe, which made mine only slightly spicy.

After grilling the chicken is sprinkled with fresh mint leaves. If you don't have access to fresh mint I would suggest using almost any fresh herb; oregano leaves, marjoram, thyme, cilantro, or flat leaf parsley. Be sure to serve with plenty of fresh lemon wedges so each person can add as much as they like ~ the squeeze of lemon juice is the perfect finishing touch.
Incidentally, we liked the chicken thighs prepared this way so much I'm going to serve them again, prepared the same way on this holiday weekend.
If you try this method, I hope you like it too~
For a printable copy of the recipe you'll find it on my recipe blog ~ click HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today, I always welcome your comments!
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  1. YYUUMM!! I think I am going to have to add this to my holiday menu!! Thank YOU!! XXOO

  2. Oh thank you Mari- this sounds perfect for this weekend!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. Beautiful grill marks on the chicken. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Chicken thighs are so much more flavorful than breasts...must be the little fat pockets hiding in them! Your recipe with lemon and mint looks so easy and delicious. Thank you, Mari!

  5. Mari-I am in minority who prefers dark meat. Boneless skinless breast are so often dry no matter how you cook them. I am going to give these a try SOON! Thanks!

  6. Mari, my DH is going to ♥ you for sharing this one! He strongly dislikes chicken breasts, as he complains they are too dry. (could be the cook~roll eyes~)
    I have trouble FINDING boneless thighs around here, though. I don't see them very often but when I do, I'm going to stock up just so I can try this recipe.
    I'll make sure he sends you a proper 'thank you' note. :-)

    Have a nice Holiday!


  7. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are one of my favorite things to cook with. So flavorful and juicy. And you know...I LOVE Donna Hay!

  8. These are great for summer grilling, and I am sure they be a great hit at a party.

  9. These look fabulous!
    I am so making these...yummy!

  10. I do like thighs... so much more flavor, it seems. I'm going to give this recipe a try!

  11. It's usually thighs for us, will certainly have to give these a try, as they most assuredly looked irresistible!

  12. You just made me very...very....VERY hungry! Those look incredible! -

  13. The grill makes everything better in more ways than one:D

  14. I'm entertaining next week and this will definitely be on the menu! I have a question, is it required that people who enter the giveaways have a food blog of their own? Thanks!

  15. Greetings! This is my first time visiting your blog. I am going to try this recipe - look delicious! Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,

  16. Love this recipe... i am adding it to my files immediately... the flavors are perfect together and the photos are Amazing!!!

  17. I actually prefer the thighs for a lot of uses - primarily because they're easier to cook with all the wonderful fattiness :)

    These look outstanding; I am looking forward to giving them a shot!


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