Field Trip ~ Postcards

Each year we look forward to Art along the River in the town
closest to our rural home; chalk artists from near and far are engaged
by local businesses to create their magic on the street on a Saturday
and Sunday in October. 
Once again the event didn't disappoint.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, sunny and warm with a bit
of a breeze (you'll see some evidence of this by a few autumn
leaves that came to rest momentarily on some of the chalk
art.) The event is attended by people of all ages, and plenty of
dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Capturing the artwork with the camera is a bit of a challenge 
with all of the people also interested in getting a look, and
the shadows cast by buildings and trees but I think this will
give you a little glimpse. There were many more in various stages
of completion, and along the sidewalks on each side of the street
children are encouraged to create with chalk on smaller squares
set aside just for them.  I hope you enjoy!

The following was one of my favs . . . and note to self:
The ones in the shade make the most vivid images.

A quick bite for sushi at a favorite spot, then home for an evening
in front of the fire, (the temps are getting very chilly at night,
the duvets went on the beds this weekend ~ ahhh!)

It was a very enjoyable day after spending Saturday outdoors
preparing the gardens for winter sleep.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too.
Thank you for stopping by!

~mari xo


  1. This brought back a forgotten memory. When I was very young, at Halloween each class was assigned a storefront. They painted the windows and the sidewalks. The best art was awarded a prize. They no longer do that. Not sure why.

  2. OH wasn't that a FUN weekend! and you said hicksville? looks very cosmo to me! i love to see creative people in such an accesible medium to which i can't even write my one name with flare! i love the blue eyes too, i am sntaching this pics to gawk at later, thanks so much for the holiday!

  3. Madonna, what pleasant memories ~ and that sounds like a great idea, it would be fun if we could bring things like that back again.

    Jain, Well, no wonder you like her as well. Blue Eyes reminds me of you! Same blonde hair, same blue eyes.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!

  4. Bonjour,

    Une très belle publication qui met à l'honneur ces artistes qui m'ont toujours fascinée... C'est vraiment prodigieux de pouvoir créer sous le regard des passants des oeuvres qui resteront éphémères... Il faut une certaine dextérité et de la souplesse dans les membres!
    Gros bisous à vous et merci pour le partage de vos capture photographiques.

  5. I love outings like these--
    What talented talented artists.
    I get a tickle of excitement and joy when something knocks my socks off..
    This would have.
    Glad you went:-)
    Duvets here too..but alas I may have to remove the promissory second foam top mattress..that

  6. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for an event like this. What fun. I will be sorry to see the market season come to an end. All the wonderful produce will become a distant memory.

  7. Merci pour vos bons commentaires Martine.

    Il est surprenant de voir ce que ces créations artistes peuvent créer sur le trottoir. Ils doivent ramper comme des crabes, mais ils gardent toujours une bonne perspective sur leurs projets. (La caméra fausse l'art un peu, mais je voulais partager.)
    Je suis tellement heureuse que vous aimiez ceci, parce que vous êtes un artiste! ...Bisous!!

  8. Monique, me too ~ it is enchanting to see the busy street we drive on so often filled with such color and creativity, it makes my heart happy. I wish you could have been here with me! xo

  9. Cathy, It sounds like you had the same kind of weather as here. :) I think we appreciate the sunshine these days all the more because we know what is coming for the next few months!
    I'll miss the Farmer's Markets closing for the season too. They do extend our local one until the first of November, but soon they will move it indoors ~ better than nothing, but it's not quite the same-- not so many vendors. I hope you had a good season!

  10. Hi Marissa, yes they truly are talented, and all the while working on their hands and knees!
    Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. :)

  11. How fun to see the art.
    Yes, the evenings are getting cooler.
    My weekend was spent in Seattle and it was lovely warm afternoons.

    1. Hi Marilyn, I like that we're still getting some warmth during the afternoons ~ the chilly mornings and evenings are so refreshing, but I'm glad the day warms up a bit!

  12. Oh what amazing art! It's always fascinating to watch it come to life but seems a shame it's so temporary.

    Duvet weather and a fire sounds wonderful! We're still in the 80's, the leaves are likely to turn crispy brown without turning color :)

    1. Hi Mary, I agree ~ It makes me a little sad that it is so temporary ~ I guess capturing it with the camera is the next best thing. I'm a little envious of your 80-degree weather, we got a little shortchanged with the fires this summer, it really cut into our outdoor time. Same here, some years we have glorious color, this year not so much. Thank you for stopping by!


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