South of the Border Squash Casserole

My sweet and gracious friend Carolyn at "A Southerner's Notebook"
shares such wonderful recipes, and this is
one of them.  The main ingredient is yellow crookneck squash,
(I think zucchini might also be good in this recipe) and the
good news is no canned soup as many squash casseroles
call for. 

As Carolyn notes many times we think of
squash casseroles in connection with winter holiday dinners,
but I agree with her that this goes fabulously well 
in the summertime. I think it is an exceptional accompaniment
to grilled meats or chicken, etc. 

It makes a wonderful meatless entree as well ~ I served
it with sliced tomatoes from the garden doused
with a light vinaigrette for dinner and it was
very satisfying. 

I halved the recipe and baked it in a 10-inch
pie pan, it worked out perfectly ~ which served
4 very generously.

The recipe calls for canned Ortega chilies which I
am sure would be delicious, however I had some
roasted New Mexico Hatch Chilies on hand in the refrigerator
so I used those.  It made the casserole a bit spicier
(I was a little apprehensive to use them as someone at our
table cannot tolerate very spicy food, but the
casserole was enjoyed by all.)
However if you are cooking for children or people who
don't like a little heat, I would recommend making
the recipe just the way it is written.

This received solid thumbs up at my house,
and I look forward to making it again.

Thank you Carolyn for sharing another delicious

You can click on over to Carolyn's blog for the details.

If you give this one a try I hope you enjoy it as much
as we did.  Thank you for stopping by.



  1. This looks delicious and the perfect way to use up all the squash I have! Off to check it out!

  2. I actually hate all canned soups..
    I am often flabbergasted at the popularity of some recipes..I love the photo..go to Pin..and it's a can of bread.. ..or soup..etc:(
    This looks delicious..
    We love squash..and I have a CAN of chilies..LOL..that I do believe in.. will be served in QC.. your size ..

  3. Hi Pam! You know, this even works well for those squash that 'get away' from us. One of the crook necks was on the vine a little too long, but because they are sauteed first it didn't even matter. Hope you like it!

    Bonjour Monique! Me too, not trying to be a food snob but the canned soups/breads, etc. are not for me either.

    The chilies? I agree, it doesn't matter in a recipe like this imo, because we're after the flavor and the texture works well. :)

    You know what? If you make it up there in QC it truly WILL be South of the Border (x 2) ! ;)

  4. Mari, So glad you tried this recipe, I think it is wonderful and I am thrilled that you liked it as well. I'm with you, canned soup recipes just turn me off. There are just too many ways of preparing good fresh foods. Thanks for mentioning that the recipe came from my blog. I have been preparing this recipe for years.


  5. Great recipe for the squash that is hanging around....think I will use a mixture of zucchini and crook neck...can hardly wait!

  6. Monique --- :D

    Carolyn, It's a keeper for sure, and thank you again. Please give that new baby granddaughter a kiss for me!

    Kate--- I think that would be a perfect combination, if you try it please let me know how it turned out using the two types of squash.

    Thank you for your comments everybody!

  7. I love a recipe that you can downsize since I live smaller now. I want to join "the no can soup group". I feel so much better since I no longer eat processed food. I have no idea why I ever ate it in the first place. Your presentation is so beautiful.

  8. I really miss being near my parents where I used to have such easy access to garden fresh summer squash. I wouldn't turn anyone away from giving me some! :) This looks absolutely delicious and I would love to see this on my table!

  9. I really miss being near my parents where I used to have such easy access to garden fresh summer squash. I wouldn't turn anyone away from giving me some! :) This looks absolutely delicious and I would love to see this on my table!

  10. such a comforting dish,loved the sunny color :-)

  11. Hi Madonna, Shelby and kumars kitchen!

    Thank you for your sweet comments! xo

  12. I made this tonight as a side dish and we loved it. My brother and DH actually went a little wild over how good the house smelled when they walked in. Definitely a keeper. xo

  13. Hi Debbie! I'm so glad your family enjoyed this as well.
    I'm definitely keeping it among my favorites.

    Thanks for letting us know that you tried it and it was a success. xo


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