Pork Souvlaki

Traditional Greek souvlaki is made with lamb, but you can also use pork, chicken, beef, or fish (most often swordfish.)

I chose pork this time because I had a couple of boneless pork loin chops in the refrigerator. The marinade is very simple (you don't need a recipe for this one.) Fresh lemon juice, garlic (minced), oregano, olive oil and salt and pepper. If you like garlic add lots!

Mix the marinade ingredients in a small bowl. Cut the meat into bite-size chunks, salt and pepper generously, then toss it into a non-reactive bowl or sealable food storage bag, pour marinade over and allow to marinate for up to two hours. Much longer than that and the enzyme action between the lemon juice and meat protein will begin to "cook" the meat, producing an odd texture when grilled.

Thread the meat chunks on the skewers (add vegetables in between each piece if you like-- I used red onion pieces and cherry tomatoes), brush skewers with some of the remaining marinade. Discard unused marinade. Place skewers on hot grill, turning occasionally until meat is done. You can also cook them on a stovetop grill, your oven broiler, or even in a panini maker.

The souvlaki can be served plain, right from the skewer, or wrapped in pita bread with a little traditional (cucumber-yogurt) tatziki sauce, or on a plate along with Greek-style fried potatoes. I served these with a Greek salad, and some lemon scented rice this time.

They are so delicious, we could easily enjoy them a couple of times a month. If you give them a try I hope you like, too.

Thanks for stopping by today ~ and Happy Wednesday everyone! xo~m.


  1. looks so fresh and delish! this is my first comment trying out my new computer, for the first time ever your blog opened instantly, dare i say my old laptop was 9 years old, omg technology moves at warp speed now!

    if only i did...

  2. Pork makes a delicious souvlakia which many of my Greek friends prefer.

  3. Thank you for visiting Jain, Val and Mme. Magical ! I'm thinking of each of you today. (((hugs))) xo~m.

  4. This looks so fresh and healthy and so so delicious! I just love your photography. I think you could make dirt look luscious!

  5. Des couleurs sublimes qui me mettent l'eau à la bouche...
    gros bisous

  6. Yvonne and Martine ~ you are both so KIND! It makes my heart happy to read your very nice comments.

    Thank you so much for coming by to visit. xoxo

  7. Mari - you could make a mud pie look delicious. :)

    It's been such a long time since I've made kabobs. Definitely have to put your recipe on next week's menu.

  8. Hi Carole ~Thank you ~ and thank you for stopping by! I'm loving your new blog. :D xo

  9. What beautiful photos, and my kind of dinner recipe!

  10. I can't wait to try this! DH's main complaint about me serving pork tenderloin is that it is often "too dry". I can see where he will much prefer it fixed by this method.

    Thanks Mari, for another outstanding idea!


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