Spicy Tuscan-Style Sausage Ragu (Slow Cooker recipe)

This is one of the very best pasta sauces I have ever tasted, different, but just as good as my own ~  surprisingly one of the easiest I have ever made, and from the slow cooker! Thick and rich,  full of sausage chunks and flavorful tomato pieces.  I could eat it by the spoonful, but it's meant to be served with large chunky pasta.

First the preliminary step is to brown the sausage in a skillet in a little olive oil, next 1 large red onion and two cloves garlic are finely chopped and added to the meat, cooked until onion is translucent, then 1/2 cup of dry red wine poured in to deglaze the pan. At this point the meat mixture is poured into the slow cooker, canned tomatoes are added (chopped whole tomatoes, and tomato puree; 1 -28 ounce can of each.) A sprinkling of salt, and the mixture is placed on low for 5 hours. One cup of heavy cream is stirred in, and the sauce is allowed to cook for another hour.

A there you have one fine, delicious recipe for Spicy Tuscan-Style Sausage Ragu with barely any work involved!  I hope you'll try it ~ it is soo good.


If you would like a printable copy of the recipe, you'll find it HERE.

The recipe adapted from "The Italian Slow Cooker" by best selling cookbook author and expert on Italian cooking, Michelle Scicolone. (Scroll down if you are interested in looking through her book or purchasing it.)

After many years of cookbook collecting, I'm now fairly selective about which cookbooks will have a place in my library. I highly recommend this one ~ it is loaded with delicious Italian recipes such as: Pasta with Meat and Mushroom Ragu, Osso Buco with Red Wine, Chicken with Peppers and Mushrooms.

Healthy and flavorful recipes for soups, stews, beans, grains, pasta sauces, meats, poultry, fish and vegetables are included. Polenta and risotto, dishes that ordinarily need careful timing and lots of stirring, are perfectly cooked using Michele's methods and recipes. Meat loaves emerge moist and flavorful, tough cuts of meat turn fork-tender and juicy. Even desserts are included in the book, such as Cheese Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Espresso Walnut Cake, and Baked Apples with orange, and more, all from the trusty slow cooker!

You can click below to look inside the book before purchasing.

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  1. This sounds wonderful!!! I will check on the cookbook. Thanks.

  2. I like the chunkiness in this sauce between the sausage and the tomatoes. I am sure the cream adds some wonderful velvety richness at the end. Looks great and the fact that it is a slow cooker recipe is even better!

  3. OMG..How delish does this look?

  4. This looks so good. It is a cold and rainy night and I wish I had a bowl of your pasta now!

  5. Perfect! I am going to try it and check out the cookbook. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks wonderful Mary!
    I lent my copy of this book to a friend and she is busy cooking her way through the whole thing! I do not think i am going to get it back!

  7. This looks delicious! I just added this cookbook to my wish list~ Thank you :)

  8. Mari, this looks wonderful and as usual your photos are gorgeous!

  9. I just ran...literally RAN out to the freezer to take out some sausage so I could get this going in my crockpot this morning. Very busy day, watching DGD Ms. C. parade in her Halloween costume at school, followed by teaching her Brownie troop to make pillowcases.

    It will be SO nice to have supper ready to eat when I get home.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe & the book recommendation, Mari.


  10. We always use hot Italian sausage in our pasta sauces.

  11. Ah, this looks like one slow cooker recipe that will not disappoint! Thanks for sharing, Mari. Have a great weekend!

  12. That looks yummy! I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing...


  13. Wow, i am an italian girl, living in MIlan, and this pasta is really perfect, absolutly similar to the one i do. I only also add, with sausages, fennel seeds! Congratulations, beautiful blog! Smiles, Chiara

  14. This sounds really good. Can't wait to try it.

  15. Mari, this was fantastic! I ended up buying the cookbook. It is a keeper.


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