30 Minute Flavorful & Healthful Split Pea Soup

Home Made, from scratch Split Pea Soup in 30 minutes?

You can have one of the best you've ever tasted on
the table in about 30 minutes or less  - - - If you use a
pressure cooker.

Made with ingredients you probably have on hand in the fridge and
pantry.  (Bay leaves are missing in the pic.)

You can make this with bacon, kielbasa, ham, or leave
the meat out entirely ~ use vegetable stock or water
and have a vegetarian version.

Click here if you would like the recipe.

I like to garnish each bowl/dish with toasty croutons and a bit
of crumbled bacon (or finely diced ham or sausage.)

One of my favorites!
It is so good ~ a warming and filling meal on a
chilly, blustery day.

Without the pressure cooker the recipe usually takes
a couple of hours.  But the pressure cooker allows me
to whip up dishes that I wouldn't normally even consider on short notice
~ it opens up all kinds of possibilities. 
Which, in turn, helps me to be more flexible with meal planning.

So yes, I'm a pressure cooker fan!

Of all the brands and types I've tried (dating back to my
Vegetarian days back in the 70's) my favorites
are the stove top models, particularly Swiss made 
Kuhn Rikon Duralon® brand.

As soon as I began cooking with these,
I donated my self contained, countertop electric model to
charity, (and also said good-by to the old fashioned, 
hissing stove top versions -- you know the ones,
with their obnoxious 'rocker' mechanisms.)

The New York Times named the Kuhn Rikon the
Mercedes-Benz of pressure cooker, with good reason.
It's stylish, classic, good looking, and 
performs seamlessly!

Click here for :  My  favorite Pressure Cookers

Of course, you can get by with just one (most experts suggest going
 with about a 5 to 6 quart version) for your first, as most
traditional p/c recipes are written for that size. 

 I have several for convenience, and it would be difficult to
give any one of them up, I use them ALL. 

The larger ones for making big batches, for company ~ or to make
plenty for freezer meals; good for making homemade stock, canning
food, too.

The mid-size (5 to 6 quart are a good choice for all around everyday

I like the 3.7 quart for cooking smaller portions (for 1 to 4 people), and I use
it all the time for cooking vegetables, soups, and rice, and
other side dishes. (My electric rice cooker is designated for charity as well.)

Here are some of the main reasons I love cooking with pressure cookers, 
Kuhn Rikon brand in particular:

You can prepare in minutes meals/dishes that
take hours by traditional methods.
Stainless steel (not teflon lined, or aluminum based)
Extra safety designs built in
Ease of operation/use
Nearly silent operation (amazing!)
Vitamin retention
Flavor retention
Besides time, they save energy.
Swiss design, and built to last.

Excellent for campers and boaters, too!

And more from the Kuhn Rikon product description:

  • 18/10 stainless steel that won't interact with food.
  • Solid thermal aluminum sandwich in bottom for even browning and rapid heat absorption.
  • Five over-pressure safety systems, UL listed; automatic locking system; spring-loaded precision valve.
  • Saves time and 70 percent of energy normally consumed while cooking; 10-year warranty


Some of the foods I favor making in the pressure cooker:

Braised dishes; Short Ribs, Stews, etc.
(They always come out with full flavor, tender and juicy.)
Pork, Lamb
Your own wholesome homemade stock in minutes
Pasta Sauces
Fresh vegetables
Vegetarian recipes
White Rice
Brown Rice
Risotto (delicious, and perfectly cooked) in 7 minutes!
Beans/legumes (pre-soaked)
Yummy Desserts

Here's a closeup of a handy guide that's included on the
lid of the 3.7 quart Anniversary edition, to give you an idea of the
time savings:


Love that! :)


By using different techniques, almost anything you
cook can be adapted to preparation in a pressure cooker.
It's easy, just requires common sense ~ and
here is one of my favorite websites to help you get started:

Hip Pressure Cooking

Check out Hip Pressure Cooking's video to see how
you can make risotto in 7 minutes:

Am I a fan of modern pressure cooking?
An emphatic ~ Yes!

I'll be sharing a few of my favorite recipes in the near future . . .
you just might want to get your pressure cooker out of storage
and give them a go! ;)

Happy Cooking, friends!

~mari :)

P.S. The opinions expressed here are my own, the Kuhn Rikon
people have no idea of who I am.  But I am very pleased with
their pressure cookers, and am happy to share the good news
with you.

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  1. Mari, I was very interested in a smaller pressure cooker and cannot thank you enough for this excellent recommendation. I bought the anniversary edition and made red beans and rice in under 15 minutes. Incredible! I use a very large capacity cooker for my business and make 5-7LBS. of black bean salsa dip at a time so this 3 quart option is perfect!

    Love your blog and cannot wait for your book.

    Mari in Montana


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