Arugula & Roasted Baby Beet Salad with Walnuts & Fried Sage

One of my favorite salads can be made all year around, 
but it's particularly suited to fall and winter ~ I love
the colors and deep flavors of this one. And if you've been
following along with my blog for any length of
time you know I love simple, delicious food preps
which I can keep in my head (no actual "recipe" required!)

This is one of those:

Oven roasted (or steamed) beets ~ regular
size beets (peeled and sliced after cooking) will do, 
but this time I used baby beets.

Washed and drained arugula (you can use
baby spinach, or romaine, butter lettuce, etc. if you like)

Crumbled Blue cheese, (can substitute your
favorite cheese, or omit entirely)

Toasted nuts of your choice. 
I used walnuts this time, but I've made it with hazelnuts, 
or pecans before. Use the nuts you like, but
do toast them lightly on a shallow rimmed sheet pan
in the oven for a couple of minutes, then cool.
Toasting really brings out the flavor.

Optional: shallow fry a few fresh sage leaves for
a minute or two until crispy, set on paper towel
to cool.
Crumbled, crisp bacon works well with this one

Drizzle with your favorite vinaigrette ~ I particularly like
this White Balsamic Vinaigrette .
The dressing has just a touch of sweetness which pairs 
very well with the components of this salad.

I alway finish the salads with a quick shower of 
freshly ground black pepper.

If you give this one a try, I hope you like it as well as
I do.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Be blessed. ~m. xo


  1. Look how pretty those little beets are. Like glistening jewels ~Ann

  2. Any excuse to roast and eat beets is a good one. Heck, I eat them out of the can!

  3. Hi Ann! They emind me of deep colored jewels too!

    Hey Marygirl ~ soo GOOD to hear from you! (I swear we might be 'twins' under the skin) :) I love they prepared any number of ways (and yes, even right out of the can!)

  4. Our kind of salad:-) Arugula...any way..even in mashed potatoes..and you know our love affair with beets.
    This is a very pretty Christmas salad:-)

  5. Hello Nana!! It's late this night...
    but I will send you an email Tuesday...
    oh my goodness & sweet baby sea shell love. :))


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