Shrimp Toasts ~ Chinese Style (Fried or Baked!)

Honestly, I can't tell you if these are authentically Chinese... however,  I have found recipes for them in Chinese cookbooks written by Chinese-American authors who were born in China. And I know the translated name for them is pronounced  'Ha Toe See'...but the "sandwich bread" aspect of the recipe causes me to wonder.  Maybe one of my readers can tell us more about the origin the the recipe?

I've been making them for years, and anyone who likes shrimp usually finds them irresistible.
Not low in fat, but the good news is rather than frying them you can bake them instead.
I combined a couple of recipes to come up with my own version, and rather than mincing all of the ingredients, I use the food process ~ so much faster and neater!

Recipes vary in ingredients somewhat but all call for raw prawns, scallions, water chestnuts, an egg (or egg white), cornstarch, dry cocktail sherry and a little salt, and those are the ingredients I use.

Other recipes include ginger, garlic and fresh fresh pork fat ~ but I find these flavorful enough without the extras.

They make a great little appetizer to go along with your favorite cold beverage or hot tea ~ I've also served them as an accompaniment to a (non-authentic) Chinese Salad or Wonton soup.

The sesame seed/paprika topping is added before baking or is optional (but I always include it as it keeps the shrimp topping succulent, and prevents the shrimp from over cooking.)  Cilantro garnish is also optional, but I always serve mine with some homemade Coleman's mustard for dipping, for those who want a bit of heat.

If you would like a printable copy of the recipe, you can find it on the Once Upon a Plate recipe blog ~

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  1. I have of course tried them in restauarants but this is one of those things I have never attempted at home.

  2. Hi Val ~ If I lived where YOU live, with such incredible choices of great restaurants, I probably wouldn't make these at home...

    but since I moved from my hometown area with wonderful and authentic Chinese restaurants... to here, where there are none--- I make them myself. They are good for parties at home though, no matter where one lives. :D

    Thank you for coming by today!

  3. I love going to Dim Sum and getting shrimp toast - but I think I will love being able to make it at home myself, too! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  4. These really look great. I've only had this at restaurants and loved them. never made them at home

  5. Hello Caroline and Ann, So good to see you here!

    if you have a chance to make these at home I hope you like them!

  6. Hi Mari,

    These shrimp toasts are very authentic Hong Kong cafe (western style) tea time favorites. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and this is one of my favorites, too! Who can resist these tasty trests? Those I had in my home country didn't have sesame seeds or paprika on top. But I think those are nice additions to both texture and flavor to the toasts.
    I can't wait to try your recipe!


  7. I haven't had these in many years and remember liking them very much. Thanks for bringing them back to mind and for suggesting baking since deep frying is not something practiced in my kitchen.

  8. I love shrimps toasts...You remind me that I haven't had these goodies for a while! Should make some soon :).

  9. I'm with foodalogue... I love these but haven't had them in so long. Yours look amazing and I think it's time to make them again ... btw, white bread is all over the east... don't know if shrimp toast is a very old recipe... but it is a delicious east/west combination!

  10. Thank you for your comments, friends.

    And thank you Amy for the interesting information about the toasts!

  11. Mary, I've come back a few times to look at your shrimp toasts. I've never made these before. Can't wait to try your recipe.



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