Brazilian-Style Collard Greens

Perhaps you've eaten Collard Greens all your life?

Or maybe, like me, you can count the number
of times - that you've eaten them on one hand.

In my family we always had Swiss Chard, because
my grandfather and my father grew it in their
vegetable gardens ~ other times my mother would 
prepare spinach for us, but not collard greens.

Prior to finding this recipe, the only way I
had seen collards prepared they were way overcooked,
a washed-out gray-green, limp mass.
And not the most healthy. So I was really pleased
to have found this recipe which retains more
of the vitamins, and it is lower in fat.

Because the leaves are sliced into thin
strips, then are sauteed with lots of garlic in olive oil, 
a little butter and salt for just a couple of minutes,
they retain their deep green color and cooked quickly, 
there is a pleasant 'chew' to the texture.

You can also add bacon if you like ~
I cook the bacon separately and offer it on
the side, along with a little rice vinegar if anyone
wants to add some. Balsamic, Red Wine vinegar
or a squeeze of lemon would also be good.
I offer a small shaker of red pepper flakes for those
who like to add a little spicy kick.

In Brazil collard greens prepared this way (probably minus
the vinegar) are traditionally served with Brazil's
national dish Feijoada, but they go well
with almost any meal.

If you would like a printable copy of this recipe,
please hop on over to my recipe blog!

I love to read your comments, so thank you for taking the time!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


  1. This is my favorite way to eat collard greens! I also had a generous pinch of red pepper flakes.

  2. Hi Pam, I agree about the red pepper flakes (in fact, it's over on my recipe recipe just that way.)

    GMTA . . . but Mr. OUaP is a tender-mouth, so I serve them on the side.) Thanks for stopping by. I always love to see your little tea pot!

  3. Love the photos:-)
    This is exactly how I do my spinach..I have never had collard greens..must try and find now:-)

  4. Hello Monique! (You favor blue, as I do :) such a soothing color.)

    I do like spinach prepared this same way, too ~ for some reason I thought collard greens would be too tough if cooked this way. But I learned something ~ I hope you like the recipe if you try it.

    I hope Noah had a Happy Birthday!

  5. M~ P.S. You can see I use your little bottles all the time. xo

  6. I have started eating kale and chard and I like them better than spinach, so I will have to give collards a try. I like a little bacon flavor, but not the fat so maybe just a crumble or two.


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