Cannoli ~ Deconstructed Plus Winners Announced :)

If you ever get a craving for the fabulous Sicilian treat . . .

Photo credit: Paolo Piscolla

Cannoli! :)

But you either don't have the time to 
make them yourself, or you don't happen to live
near a wonderful Italian bakery.  You may
want to keep this recipe in mind.

All of your favorite flavors as in a traditional
Cannoli but very easy to assemble.
We can't really call this dessert Cannoli, because
Cannoli means "little tubes", but if you
don't mind bending the rules a little bit ~ it's
a very satisfying dessert.

In this version lightly fried wonton triangles
stand in for the pastry "tubes" but the
filling and some of the accompaniments
remain true to the original. The fun part is
you can add "extras" if you wish ~
I had a basket of raspberries (which I prefer
over the Maraschino Cherries) so I added
them as well.  Later I remembered I had
put up some Bing Cherries in Cognac earlier
this past summer and could have offered 
those instead. Oh well . . . next time!

Mini Chocolate Chips work in place of grated 
chocolate and I added some chopped
pistachios, as I have had in some versions.
But actually, since we're already taking liberties
with the authentic recipe, almost anything goes. 

And the good news is ~ it all can be made
ahead; fry the wonton triangles and keep them
in an airtight container. (You can fry the wonton triangles
a couple of days ahead.) To fry: heat a couple of inches of
vegetable oil in a deep saucepan or pot, drop 
the triangles into the hot oil, a few at a time.

They only take a few moments to turn golden brown; remove
with a slotted spoon (or spider) and place them on paper towels to
help drain any excess oil. Cool completely, then store in an airtight
container. You can mix up the dip hours 
ahead and keep it covered and refrigerated.

When it comes time to serve just put the filling
in a bowl, garnish, arrange the crisp wontons
around and dust the triangles 
with confectioner's (powdered) sugar and enjoy.

If you would like a recipe for the cannoli
filling,  there is a good one HERE.

I hope you enjoy!


And NOW the two winners of the
Ariosto Natural Herb Seasoning Blends Library 
~  from the Ariosto Spa Buccinasco company in Italy!!

Congratulations to:

Kathy from "Sweet Up-North Mornings"

Melanie Montgomery from "Oh Slow Down ~ Life as a Newlywed"

Ladies, if you'll be so kind as to email me your
shipping addresses, I'll pass the information along
to the Ariosto Spa Buccinasco company
so they can mail your winnings to you.

onceuponaplate (at) gmail 
[DOT] com

Thank you everyone for participating in this 
drawing ~ please check back often, as we'll
have another giveaway coming up soon.

Mari xo


  1. Mari -- what a gorgeous dessert -- genius :)


  2. Oh Mari - I love this idea. And your photos are amazing, as always. Congrats to your winners too.


  3. This sounds wonderful! Congrats to the winners!

  4. Congratulations to the winners.Happy for you:-) !
    And I love your version:-) I bought the tubes..
    Made them..not so great..I will try your pretty version next time.
    Beautiful photos:-)

  5. Mari!!!!
    Thank You !!!!
    I just showed the Chef and he's all smiles....
    New spices straight from Italy to try.
    Can't wait to get them in the mail.
    Thought I'd just check the blog before calling it a night and surprise!!!!
    We thank You again...
    xo, Kathy and the Chef!


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