Veggie Rolls with Dipping Sauces ~ & a GIVE-AWAY!!

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Spring or Summer Rolls are a delicious treat any time
of year ~ easy to put together, and the fillings
are limited only by your imagination. I like to
serve them as a light meal, or appetizer.

The dipping sauces are really easy to 
stir together ~ each one adds it's own
character to the rolls.
I LOVE variety!

I like to think of these as a salad in a roll ~
and if you are eating gluten-free, you will
be happy to know the wrappers are made of
rice flour, not wheat. 

You'll want to have your filling ingredients
ready, because once you soak the rice wrappers
briefly in a shallow dish of water, you're ready
to roll.

I usually use whatever I have on hand for the
filling; this time it was baby spinach (cut into 1/4-inch ribbons)
julienne carrots (I used them raw, but you can steam them),
julienne English cucumber, slivered scallions, steamed
shrimp (sliced in half, lengthwise for easy rolling),
and slices of avocado.

My new favorite kitchen gadget ~ it makes perfect julienne
cuts; great for wraps, sandwiches, garnishes, salads and soups,
etc.  You can win one in my give away! (see below)

If you've ever struggled with rolling rice wrappers
tearing, or falling apart as you assemble them, here's a helpful hint:

 Double the wrappers for each roll ~ Working with
a pair of wrappers, dip each one in a shallow dish of
water one at a time. Lay the first one you dip
flat on your work surface upon a clean, 
damp kitchen towel (or damp paper towel.)
Then dip the second wrapper until pliable and place
it directly upon the first wrapper, gently pressing out
any air bubbles or excess water, then fill and
roll. You'll find the roll won't be as likely to tear.

Need directions for rolling?
Here's a good, short youtube video that you
may find helpful:

Once assembled, the rolls can be placed in the
refrigerator (covered with a damp cloth or paper towel)
for a couple of hours. The wrappers become tougher
if stored much longer than a few hours.

Serve with your choice of dipping sauces;
usually I just make one dipping sauce, but
this time I wanted to try two others
besides my favorite Lime, Garlic & Red Chili
(Spicy-Sweet Red or Green Chili):
Offering a couple of dipping sauces completely
changes the flavors of the rolls ~ 
Incidentally these are
really good with pot stickers, as well as 
drizzled over grilled or poached chicken,
fish, prawns or crab.

From top ~ clockwise;
Sesame-Lime, Hoisin-Peanut,
Spicy-Sweet Red or Green Chili

You can find printable recipes for these three sauces over on
'Once Upon a Plate ~ Recipes'.
G I V E   A W A Y!

What? A chance to win one of two
OXO Julienne Slicers, my new favorite kitchen gadget.

When? Entries will be accepted until October 26, 2012
at 9:00PM Pacific Time.
Winners will be announced October 28th. 

How to enter:

#1. Be a registered follower of my blog
(see top, upper right column) and mention
it in your comment

#2. And leave a comment on this post 
naming one of your favorite condiments/sauces. 
(It doesn't have to be an Asian sauce ~anything goes!)

Double your chances!

#3. Follow me on Facebook and
'like' or comment on my post about these rolls.
After you've done so, come back here and
enter a separate comment and your name
will be entered into the drawing twice.


The sticky details ~

Due to shipping restrictions this contest is open
to the continental US only.
My apologies to my friends and followers outside of
the continental US.

Full Disclosure: This drawing is sponsored
and funded by OnceUponaPlate. I have
received no reimbursement whatsoever
from the folks at OXO.
Not feeling so lucky?
Don't fret! 
You can learn more (and order one if you want)
over at, just click the image above.
There is no obligation to order.
Have a wonderful week everyone!
Blessings! ~m.


  1. I love spring rolls..I think every shower and important occasions had some here..ok..not every..but MANY..
    Of course yours look superb..
    I know..Je demeure au Canada..But I would have said so anyways:)

  2. PS .I just added it to my wish list at Amazon for my next visit there..I have small hand held Julienner:)and a real Mandoline..But my real Mandoline ..the knob went missing this would be perfect..Sauces sound amazing too~

  3. This looks like a very cool tool. I love kitchen gadgets that work! Thanks for the giveaway. I am a follower.

  4. My favorite sauces is sweet and sour. Whether it is for Asian food or BBQ :-)

  5. I would have to say ranch dressing. I could use it on anything, especially french fries.

  6. Oh Mary, I wish you were my neighbour. I have nothing planned yet for dinner and I would love your salad rolls.

    Your photos are the best.


  7. These are beautiful veggie rolls! I'm a follower of yours and my favorite sauce gotta be sweet and spicy dipping sauce. :)

  8. Following you on Facebook and commented.

  9. I love spring rolls too and have always wanted to learn how to make them. Great giveaway, thanks so much. I have been a follower for quite a while and really enjoy your blog.

    Mary L

  10. Ce week-end je vais plus que sûrement essayer cette merveilleuse recette accompagnée de leurs sauces...
    surtout que je suis une allergique au gluten!
    Gros bisous à vous

  11. Your spring rolls and sauces look so delicious! One of my favorite sauces is Cajun power garlic sauce, great for marinades and basting meat on the grill.

    I am one of your GFC followers as rusthawk.

  12. I am following you on facebook and liked this post (as rust hawk).

  13. Hi there - I must say I love guacamole and hummus......

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I am a registered user - I get your e-mails - great post!

  16. My favorite sauce - I am a big sauce and dipper kinda girl - but I think I love the orange marmalade dipping sauce for coconut shrimp the best!

  17. My fav sauce is easy....anything with a hint of lime! I am a follower on your blog! I have also tried several of your recipes......look forward to your emails, and follow you on facebook!!! Thanks, Mara!

    Beth Martin

  18. I can't wait to make these veggie rolls and the sauces. Yours look so delicious.

  19. OH YUM YUM!! The spring rolls look so wonderfully refreshing to me!! Thank you for reminding me to make some!
    This Oxo mandolin excites me! Looks like the perfect tool to add to my kitchen!!!
    Joyful Autumn wishes......~Sandie

  20. PS I am a follower as of this evening!!


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