Fresh Cherry Jam Tartlets

Cherry season is winding down here, and I'll miss the fresh ones until they make their appearance again next summer. Bing cherries are my favorite ~ we had a tree in our backyard while growing up, I loved to pick and eat them, juicy and sweet, warmed by the sun. Unfortunately, the birds liked them too, and often would get the reddest and most ripe ones before we could, much to my Dad's dismay!

Our Saturday Farmers Market had exceptional Bings this year, grown about an hour away from town. I purchased a lot over a couple of weeks and we enjoyed our fill of them fresh right from the stem. I also made a couple of batches of jam, and with the few remaining I made these little tartlets.

The tedious thing about cooking or baking with cherries is the task of pitting them. You can cut the pits out with a paring knife (messy and time consuming), or use one of the several types of cherry pitters available.

The homemade Bing Cherry Jam, and some of those beautiful, juicy cherries.  I love summer!

This style of pitter is my favorite; I've had it for several years ~ it's made in Italy, very nicely designed, comfortable to use and sturdy. It does a neat job of pitting a basket of cherries in a relatively short amount of time.

When cherries are in season I love to add them (pitted of course), to a fresh fruit salad ~ everybody is always surprised that I took the time to pit them (when in fact, it takes barely any time at all.)

The pits usually pop right out on the first try, and the device doesn't smash the cherries (and most of the time the stems stay intact, too; fun for fancy desserts, chocolate dipped cherries, etc.)

I always count the pits and cherries as I work, to make sure the numbers match, to assure that EVERY cherry has been pitted. It doesn't happen very often, but every once in a while a pit remains in the cherry ~ not fun to bite down on a pit.

For the cherry tartlets, you truly don't need a recipe ~ just line each cup in a tart pan with your favorite pastry dough (I cut the dough with a round cookie cutter to make the job go more quickly), then place a scant teaspoon of cherry jam in each pastry cup, and top with half of a pitted cherry (skin side up.) I top each cherry with another 1/4 teaspoon of jam, then bake in a 375˚(F) oven until the pastry is golden and the jam is bubbling.

Before serving you can give them a dusting of confectioner's sugar, or a sprinkle of finely chopped, toasted nuts ~ (I prefer them just plain.)  

 If you try them, I hope you enjoy them. The aroma in your kitchen as they bake will be heavenly! 

Thank you for coming by today ~ I hope you're enjoying a wonderful day everyone!


  1. aren't those darling, i was JUST thinking about calling you to see how your summer was going... and i see its going down tasty!

    i can never pitt cherries as fast as i eat them... maybe one day i will grow up and learn better behavior so i can bake them just once in my lifetime...

    so did you get a new buddy? i keep expecting you to hear the patter of new indoor feet :)

  2. Oh, Mari -- I just adore all-things mini. Your cherry tartletts are simply precious -- and since cherry is my favorite, they are not something that I would be safe around, lol.


  3. My mouth is salivating! Your tarts look gorgeous Mari. :o)

  4. Great idea to count the pits:)

    They're beautiful.
    I bet they are sublime.

  5. Mmmm... I love bing cherries too - such a nice way to enjoy them. You should do a post showing us how you make your cherry jam. I've been eying that cherry pitter for ages. You've convinced me to get it.

  6. Oh Mari...you're making my mouth water! I, too, grew up with both sweet & sour cherry trees surrounding our house. I fondly remember cherry cobbler & cherry pies & cherry jam. We had a sweet cherry tree right by our front sidewalk & kids would try to climb the branches to pick the fruit. My parents were always so worried that someone would fall & get hurt.

    My sister just gave me a nice big bag of sour cherries. I can't decide what I want to do with them first!! Your little tarts are darling & a distinct possibility.


  7. Oh & THANKS for the suggestion to count the cherries AND the pits! I never would have thought of that!!!

  8. These tartlets are adorable! I just ordered a cherry pitter online last night and I wished I had read this post before I placed that order.

    The one I ordered is like a box (made with plastic though) that pits 4 cherries at a time. Reviews said it works fine. So I'll see how it goes when it arrived. :)

  9. I pitted 3# of cherries yesterday and by the time I was done my kitchen looked like a slaughterhouse LOL I seldom use my mini tart pans - the tarts are so cute!

  10. Will have to try them but will use some of the frozen ones I have from A few weeks ago when we did @150 lbs. A delight to pop a few into a small bowl to eat--tiny cherrysicles. Mom used to make tiny pecan tartlets for special occasions, so these remind me of them. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  11. Thank you for your comments!

    Hi Jain, no new furry around here yet . . . but thanks for the sweet thoughts.

    Gail, I hear you... I had to send them to work with hubby to get them out of the house!

    Thank you so much Rose, I wish I could have sent you some. :)

    Hi Mme. Magical, I wonder if your sweet boys would like something like this? (I think they would also be good with strawberries or blueberries (I probably would add the fresh fruit after the jam tarts had baked though.)

    Patricia, I'll probably do a post on the jams I put up this summer in a week or so. I hope you get lots of use from the cherry pitter!

    Retta, what happy memories of your cherry trees as you were growing up ~ our sour cherry tree is so old, it's not really producing any longer and I miss that.

    Amy, that multiple-pitter has always interested me, I hope you'll let us know how you like it once you have a chance to try it out.

    Karen, I had to chuckle (I was going to mention about the *splatters* of cherry juice)! I always put two bowls in the sink (one for the pits, and one for the pitted cherries, do my work there (and wear a dark top), but still, there are splatters!

    Susan, I'll give the ones I use when I do that post about jam. :)

    Eileen, I remember you mentioning you did 150 pounds ~ that is incredible!! I love frozen cherries, I think they are one fruit (along with blueberries) that freeze very successfully.

    Thank you all for taking the time to leave comments!! xo

  12. These look soooo "pop 'em in the mouth"-able!

    xoxox Craig

  13. Craig, absolutely! Thank you for coming by ~ I appreciate you taking the time , and for leaving such a very nice comment. :)

  14. Cute little cherry tarts :) I love cherries too, and I have noticed that there are so many this year, and so very tasty. It seemed like in years past, they were in the markets for such a short time, and very expensive. Now I see so many varieties at a good price. I just bought some the other day that taste like candy! YUMMM!

  15. These look like little gems! I am a huge cherry fan too! Beautiful presentation with the vintage tablecloth!
    I am hosting a book club dessert after we all go see "The Help". We read the book last year. I'm serving Chocolate Cream Pie!!!!! And since I am making the pie dough I think I'll make these too.
    I just bought cherries on sale at the grocer's... this will be a great project tomorrow morning!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    I hope you will join ON THE MENU MONDAY (Sunday night after 8:00) and share this lovely recipe!
    I love EVERYTHING you make!
    xo Yvonne

  16. OMG! these are totally scrumptious! thanks for liking our page.

    wondering too, which camera are u using? these are amazing images!


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