Banana-Poppy Seed Muffins with Citrus Glaze and Tea Cozies!

I'm the first to admit that bananas aren't my favorite fruit.  

I can handle eating them when they are still quite firm and prefer them when they still have a green-tinge to them.  But once they become soft, and the peels become riddled with brown "sugar" spots (when they are at their sweetest) there is something about the texture which I don't care for.  At that point they either go into smoothies, quick breads or muffins.

With three over-ripe bananas in the fruit basket, I whipped up these muffins. The recipe varies slightly from others I've tried in that they are finished with a lovely citrus glaze while still warm. By the time the muffins cool, the glaze firms up so they are not messy or sticky to the touch.

And what goes better with fresh muffins than milk, coffee, or my favorite ~ Tea!

As delicious as the muffins are ~ the tea cozy/cosy always steals the scene.

If you've used them, you already know they are as practical as can be; cozies really do help insulate the tea pot to keep the tea steaming hot.

I have a couple of different types (quilted fabric, etc.), but these crocheted ones are my most treasured. 

I first saw one like this almost two years ago on a favored blog written by a British woman in the UK.  All of her readers were going wild over hers, and she mentioned the boutique shop where she purchased them... unfortunately, at that time the shop was not dispatching to destinations outside of the country.  *sigh*

It was time to do a little sleuth work ~  I knew they were crocheted by hand.

So the logical place to look? Etsy, of course !! 
I love Etsy. 

After I realized that the proper English way of spelling the name ("cosy", not 'cozy')  it didn't take long to find a wonderful vendor by the name of Andrea Lesley.  Her work is lovely, and so unique ~ I had a hunch that she must be the artist who makes these beautiful creations. I contacted her right away, and confirmed she is indeed the same artist. Happy Day!

That was well over a year ago ~ and I'm pleased to see that Andrea is still operating her shop, and her work is as delightful as ever.

I've included a link to her Etsy shop below if you are interested in placing an order.  

If you do place an order, please let Andrea know that I sent you over!

Back to the muffins ~ I really liked this recipe, it contains a little finely grated orange peel in the batter, as well as in the confectioner's sugar glaze.

I reduced the all-purpose flour by half a cup and added 1/4 cup of wheat bran, and 1/4 cup of old fashioned rolled oats just to make them a little more healthy.  (That doesn't exactly cancel out the sugar glaze though, does it?)

Among all the colors and designs Andrea offers, I could never decide upon a favorite ~ that's why I chose a few. ;) 

Nothing cheers up a gray Pacific Northwest morning like a hot pot of tea snuggled in a very cheerful tea cosy/cozy!

I reserve the one below for Christmas time, but if you decorate with reds it would be perfect any time of year.

Here's the link I promised ~ and don't forget to tell Andrea you read about her here.   :-)

Andrea Lesley Crochet Shop on Etsy.

Do YOU have a favorite Etsy shop?

Are you an Etsy VENDOR?  

I would love if you would share, please mention in the comment section.

This is my entry for Tablescape Thursday, hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. (click to link)

For a printable copy of the recipe for the Banana Muffins, please click HERE to go the Once Upon a Plate Recipe site.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Gorgeous muffins! And I'm in love with your cake plate, too :)

  2. Great recipe! Mouthwatering. Muffin with a cup of coffee would be good.

  3. The muffins look wonderful.. especially as you have displayed them..
    i remember when I first saw your Tea Cozy...

    So cute all of them mary..little treasures for sre.
    I don't have an Etsy shop..but I have purchased many things.. a personalized quilt for Olie when he was christened..different bracelets for my daughters..I love you to the moon and back:) Spoon bracelets.. return address stamps.. embroidery ribbon.. vintage earrings.. chef spoons..:) to name a few..
    I have never gone wrong..Great sellers.French market things too:)

  4. I think I'm the only person in the world who prefers brown speckled over ripe bananas, but I know I'm weird, that's nothign new :) I've been curious about the lemon banana combo, so I'll have to make these and try it out. LOVE the red tea pot cozy, super cute!

  5. Gorgeous! I would like one now!! The tea cozies are so cute.

  6. Thank you for your comments, friends! :)

    Monique, You know I love your taste and style ~ Etsy is a treasure trove. Those bracelets! *sigh*

    Have a great day everyone, and thank you again for stopping by, and taking the time to comment. xo

  7. Wow! The tea cosies are wonderful. I can't decide which one I like the best.

  8. Beautiful tea cozies, and a wonderful collection you have now! I CROCHET, and I LOVE tea, and I STILL don't have a single tea cozy as of yet! It just isn't right, and I'm going to have to do something about that sometime soon! (0; Have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  9. Hi Mari, These banana muffins do look delicious, especially with the glaze! I agree about the bananas--as soon as they lose the firmness here I save them for banana bread. Nothing worse than a mushy banana!! The tea cozies are very cute and I will visit the etsy shop. Linda

  10. I feel EXACTLY a you do abut bananas. I like them "crunchy" or not at all. I do like a good banana muffin tough and love the idea of a citrus glaze. So, as I have some turning bananas in the fruit basket, I'm going to try this recipe.

    Those tea cozies are wonderful. I have quite a collection of teapots, but none that would lend themselves to wearing a cozy.

    I have two Etsy shops, one for jewelry (ptierneydesigns.etsy.com) and the other for paper goods (mysteriousjottings.etsy.com), both of which have a mystery/literary bent.

  11. Love the tea cosys would it be cosies? Anyway I got one similar as a gift in England some 40 years ago. It really does work well to keep the pot hotter...
    The colors of these are a little more subtle than mine...

  12. Wonderful post Mary! I am a tea cozy nut!I love these...I will definitely have to order some!I feel the same way about bananas. These muffins look wonderful though! I am without a computer for a while so I am borrowing one for a few minutes...see you when I see ya!

  13. I'm not sure which I love more: the cozies ("cosies"?) or the muffins! They both look wonderful.

    You've really showcased the cozies beautifully, Mari. Now I have to have one (or more...). I'm not sure if the muffins will be as delicious without the cozy! :D


  14. Hi Mari,
    Andrea's Cosies are beautiful. I do love to use a cosy as it seems to keep the tea hot forever! Mari, I have to tell you that I made your Pork Tenderloin done the Tuscan Way for my cooking class on Saturday. My guests loved it! I wrote on the recipe that I found the recipe here on your site and one of the guests said, "I love that blog, she has the most beautiful food!" So kuddos to you and thank you for sharing such lovely ideas.

    Robin Sue

    PS the Italian in me added double garlic;-)

  15. Those muffins are so high! Love the citrus glaze on them, too.


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