Lemon Cream Pots with Lemon Wafers

Lemon Cream Posts with Delicate Lemon Wafers

Another great little dessert from Donna Hay ~ the recipe reminds me of my old stand-by Lemon Pots of Cream recipe which I've shared before, but this one is easier to make.   I used Meyer lemons, but the recipe actually calls for regular lemons, so those will work just fine.

If you like the flavor of lemon but don't care for overly sweet desserts, you may really like this one.  It's creamy and decadent and I found the 3/4 serving size almost too much for me.  Next time I think I may reduce each portion to 4 ounces each... when the (slightly sweetened) softly whipped cream topping is added, it's quite enough.

The Lemon Wafers add a good contrast to the Lemon Cream Pots, and they are easy to make.  But if you don't feel like making them, just add any other little crisp cookie... I won't tell.  :)

If you would like a copy of the recipe you can find it on my recipe blog... HERE.

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  1. These little cups look so adorable!! I think anyone would feel special being served one of these! Thanks, Mari!


  2. Squeals of delight coming to you from me!!!! Oh, I can just about taste these little pots of creamy heaven!
    I need a dessert for Sunday night. Thank you. My koinonea group will love these!
    And I'm all about those darling little squiggly cookies.
    xo Yvonne

  3. Thank you Jane and Yvonne! If you try them, I hope you love them. :)

  4. Girl...they are beautiful. I asked Mike to bring me back glass yogurt pots from Brussels that were supposed to look like your little pots...the ones he brought back were not the right ones...:(

  5. Hi Linda, Oh that's too bad you didn't get the ones you wanted. Maybe next time?

    Ahem, maybe he could tuck some Falk cookware( into
    his bag for me on his next trip home?!heehee.

    Hope you're having a blast while he's home. ((hugs!))

  6. They look heavenly..and soft:) And the cookies look like lovely tuiles~

  7. Monique, thank you my friend.

    Yes, you are absolutely right ~ the cookies truly are nearly identical to tuilles ... same texture and crispness. :)

  8. Yum! Where did you get those adorable pots?

  9. Hi Cindy, They are actually little canning jars manufactured by "Weck", a German company.

    If you 'google' "Weck canning jars", you can learn more about them. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  10. I love a not too sweet dessert Mari; and of course as I always say "lemon is my chocolate."

  11. Hi Val! Oh me too... the choc vs. lemon. Sometimes I'm really in the mood for chocolate, but usually lemon wins out. ;) Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.

  12. Now this is my type of dessert or treat. Just dip and savour!

  13. GORGEOUS! I LOVE everything I am seeing and I want to get your new posts in my mail box. I never get to my readers or feeds in a timely fashion. Would you consider uploading a "Subscribe by mail" plug in?... or feedburner subscribe by mail? I will be the first to subscribe when you do. I can see I will thoroughly enjoy reading you!

  14. I don't like really sweet things, so I bet this would be great for me. I love the delicate yellow color of them!

  15. Mari
    Thank you for the info about the jars; I found them (and ordered) from

    Looking forward to using them!

  16. Do you think I could bake a custard or pot de creme in a water bath in these jars?

    Anxiously awaiting mine!


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