March seems to have flown past so quickly~and I've been shamefully absent from the kitchen. So instead, I thought I would share another of our little chicks from the second batch.

She's one of the most dainty and calm-mannered chicks of the entire brood ~ the name Daisy seemed to fit her perfectly.
Coincidentally, my sister recently reminded me that one of our family's pet ducks had the same name! ~ So Daisy it is.

(I just adore the matching "tweed" look on the tips of each of her tiny wings, and her bitty tail!)

She's a Brahma Light chicken, and it's difficult to believe she will look similar to the hen in the photo below in a very few months.

I'm taking photos of the progress of construction of the chicken house and hope to share some of that in an upcoming post.
Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. They are adorable..this one is so is hard to imagine that she will look like that when she grows up..

    Ricard is getting chickens too Mary..So popular..why can't Jacques see it?:)
    I bet it feels like when you were a little're playing right now right?

  2. Your little chick is so precious, Mari. Chickens are amazing...if you watch closely I'm sure you can actually see them growing.

    Yesterday I saw a mama duck with 14 newly hatched babies. Isn't spring wonderful!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous little chick and photographs. You make me wish I had chickens.

  4. Mary...
    they are all cuter than the are going to have such spectacular eggs...
    I can not wait to see the "coop"...
    Have a wonderful is hard to believe that march is almost gone!

  5. You are making it very difficult for me. I am wanting baby chicks more than ever. As someone mentioned before, I know my HOA would not approve either.

  6. That's one cute little chick! Reminds me of days living on the farm when we would take some inside to keep warm and baby! Have a great rest of March!

  7. Awe, so sweet!! My baby was due 2 days ago. So she'll be here any day.

  8. Oh my goodness! Daisy is too sweet! She will be a beauty when she reaches adulthood. I love chickens but, unfortunately, I cannot have them where live.

    ~ Tracy

  9. She is absolutely adorable!!


  10. Daisy is so cute!! And she will be a beautiful hen!!! Lucky you to have fresh eggs all the time. My BIL and SIL raise chickens and have wonderful eggs. Can't wait to see the coop!! XO, Pinky

  11. Mari, you are killing me with these pictures of your little chicks!!! The one of Daisy looking at the egg!! ADORABLE.

    My friend loves your blog, and I think she has commented on here before. She just started a blog called "My ugly garden" so if you see that on here or "Christine" that is her!

  12. These are beautiful shots. Cute little Daisy, perfect colour.

  13. Such a sweetie! Your photos are so lovely. Now I'm having chick cravings again!

  14. Love the chick updates, your photos are amazing, I can almost feel Daisy's little chick-fuzz thru my screen :-)

  15. So sweet! i am assuming that you enjoy fresh eggs often?!


  16. She's darling...why do they have to grow up? I guess just like puppies and babies, we can't keep them tiny and cute forever:)


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