Healthy Potato-Cauliflower Soup and Savory Parmesan-Black Pepper Biscotti

Sure Cauliflower is healthy for you, but some just cannot tolerate the strong flavor (or aroma) ~ if that's the case for you or for people you cook for ~ you might want to try this recipe for Potato-Cauliflower Soup.

Onions, a little garlic, potatoes and chicken or vegetable stock (or broth) help to mellow out the cauliflower flavor in a most pleasing way.

It just might win the favor of the non-cauliflower eaters in your life, and that may be a GOOD thing.

The added bonus is that the soup is low in fat, budget friendly, and it can be made vegetarian/vegan friendly if you substitute vegetable stock for the chicken broth/stock.

To serve you can leave it brothy with the vegetables in chunks, but I like to whiz it with my hand held blender (or in the blender) to a smooth consistency to create a rich, silky and creamy texture ~ without a drop of cream or a dot of butter!

Garnish it with croutons, snipped chives, crispy bacon or chorizo, or as I did here ~ a few baby watercress sprigs and white violets. Or use any fresh herbs or edible flower petals that you desire.
Originally called "Poverty Soup" the recipe is available HERE on Alison's wonderful blog; "Brocante Home".

I served it with an old stand-by; Savory Parmesan-Black Pepper Biscotti ~
these are delicious and easy to make. They go perfectly by themselves with a glass of red, or as a vehicle for dips or spreads. The recipe makes plenty, and the good news is that they freeze beautifully if stored in an air-tight container.

The recipe is from "Gourmet" magazine, 2007. However you can also find the recipe
on the "Epicurious" website by clicking HERE.

I hope you'll try either (or both!) of these recipes, you'll be in for a treat.

If you are interested in the soup bowls or other similar accessories, you can learn more about them by clicking the items below:

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  1. Both looks delicious and beautiful...

  2. I made cauliflower and potato gratin and I loved it. Now I know what else I can make with that combo. The soup is beautiful!

  3. I love the basic black and white theme Mary~

    So pretty..You've added all the pretties that make the food even more appetizing~
    have a great day.

  4. It wouldn't matter if you put mud in those bowls. The whole scene you set is just gorgeous and your photography skills are fantastic.

  5. Mari, I look forward every day to seeing your beautiful posts and today is a bonus cause both my hubby and I love cauliflower! I made potato soup for St. P's day and wished it was alittle "fuller" so the addition of the cauliflower sounds like it will be PERFECT!!!! Your bowls are gorgeous too! Every picture is gorgeous! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! XO, Pinky

  6. My goodness what a beautiful display! As always, but this one really speaks to me today. Love the black and white.

  7. Beautiful pictures and I am very interested in trying out a savory biscotti. Thanks. Joni

  8. Black Pepper Biscotti? What could be better.

    Thanks for another great recipe Mary.

  9. Everything looks gorgeous as usual! I look forward to getting this in my mailbox, kinda like a little present! I love it!

  10. What a wonderful soup and the photos are outstanding. I love the savory biscotti also.

  11. So beautiful, Mary. I'm looking for a biscotti recipe and it never occurred to me to make them savory. Cauli is one of my favorite veggies so no need to mask the aroma or flavor here. Yum.

  12. I'm intrigued by the black pepper biscotti and of course I love the soup bowls. As always, beautiful photos.

  13. Listen...I really want to come and live with you...
    Linda is could put mud in those bowls and it would look
    Everything looks delicious and gorgeous...

  14. Hi Mari..Oh this soup looks so good and how can you make the soup and NOT make the biscotti....ofcourse I am the Queen of Biscotti so I will be trying both....we love cauliflower. And I have to get one of those big biscuit's perfect! Thanks.

  15. A delicious sounding combo, Mari. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I can almost taste it, Mari! What divine photos of such a humble dish!
    The tiny white flower is such a delicate touch. You are SO talented with your camera as well as your cooking.

    I hope to try both of these recipes very soon. Got a head of cauliflower in the fridge right now even. :-)

  17. First of all, I LOVE those soup bowls! Gorgeous! Everything looks delicious, but I'm in love with the black pepper parmesan biscotti- yum! I'll take at least 4:D

  18. I love cauliflower...and as soup, I am ready! Thank you for this inspiration!

  19. I need to try cauliflower soup. YUM! I love the use of a savory biscotti here.

  20. I love cauliflower - the smell or taste doesn't bother me at all :) I just think the biscotti sounds good and I like that it would go well with a glass of red as well as a savory starch with dinner.

  21. I have been making a lot of soup lately, I think I will try this. What beautiful photos!

  22. You have a wonderful collection !!

  23. Beautiful. The table setting, the soup with a side of biscotti is divine. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I would so enjoy such a delicious meal served so elegantly.

  25. Good and could it get any better.

    I love seeing the flower in the center. It is a fresh taste of spring.

    Thanks Mary.

  26. Yes yes and yes! We both love cauliflower but someome (ahem) will not let me cook it because of the odor! This soup may answer the bad smell bill as well as giving us a flavordul, hearty yet lo-cal meal. Fabulous recipe and I love the savory biscotti.


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